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Crazy how quick it came up you know not think anyone really expected it to be this bad boat after boat shuttling trap residents to higher ground down to, one lane and then some. Up to four inches of. Rain swamping Philadelphia area highways and. A firefighter was killed Monday battling the largest record blaze. In California history at the side of the, Mendocino complex fire north of San Francisco stocks closed lower on. Wall Street Monday the Dow fell. Eighty seven points you're listening to ABC news KOA NewsRadio time is eleven oh to Denver Bronco quarterback Chad Kelly has been promoted to number two quarterback on the depth chart after his place Saturday night against the Vikings had a great spring camp so it's it's his turn to be two he's. Earned that right head coach Vance Joseph Broncos and bears will practice all week long and then they'll. Play game two of the preseason Saturday night our kickoff begins at four o'clock our coverage starts at four o'clock kick-off at. Seven oh, five a naked man on the rap Ajo road forced a day long standoff today Greenwood village police were called to the hotel at about three in the morning the man barricaded himself, in the room. The hotel was evacuated the. Swat team was called in the man then started. Throwing furniture out the window at three teacher furniture in the hotel room all the furnishings fixtures everything. Basically, came out the window including the. Crystal team with Greenwood village Police the swat team was able to. Get into the man's room at. About four thirty in the afternoon with a canine. The suspect. Surrendered he is identified as thirty eight year old Jason day, from Graham be. The teenage of seven year old Jordan Vong found dead in his family home, last week will be charged as an. Adult the DA has. Filed notice to charge the sixteen year old. With first degree murder and child abuse resulting in death the filing says von was murdered and then wrapped. In a blanket and hidden in the portable closet in a basement bedroom And for the seventh year in a row US health and World Report ranks you, see health university. Of Colorado hospital located on the and shoots medical campus number one on its list of the state's best hospitals it's also ranked among the nation's best in eleven specialties including number one in pulmonologist. Rockies opened up a set in Houston starting tomorrow night you can hear all, the action right here our first pitch. Is at six ten next update eleven thirty and Roger quilter bond KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM As you take to the mentoring. You free wings you couldn't variously enclosures that are going to impact you try on I seventy between thirty seconds young field and. Ward road also if you're travelling on c. four seventy you then a. Founding that university to eastbound c. four seventy, that ramp is closed you'll have. To another one to get onto the highway and you've got find that there's. Road work taking place on boulevard between our road and. Jackson gamp that may slow you down rescued drive is, getting through the. Cone zone, actively with no major incidents or delays the CBS will. Weather overnight low of sixty high of eighty. Six tomorrow with variable cloudiness and, a low of. Sixty tomorrow night currently it's sixty nine on KOA NewsRadio Colorado's news traffic and weather station.

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