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The second impeachment trial of donald trump begins this afternoon. The hill reports party meters came to agreement monday. And how it will go. The hill knows under the time line. It would allow the trial to wrap up as early as next week if both sides agreed not to call witnesses under the deal. The senate will debate and vote tuesday on whether the trawlers unconstitutional. That is basically a nonstarter on wednesday. They'll be opening arguments under the deal. The house impeachment managers and trump's team will have sixteen hours over two days each to present their case to the senate meantime a fourteen year old black boy in north carolina was handcuffed in place to the back of a police car in front of his home while repeatedly asking for his father who was inside the home. The voice family community advocates are questioning local. Police protocol involving juvenile's malcolm ziglar had recently purchased a motorbike from a face bookseller and was unaware. The bike was stolen after police officers showed up at his home. He complied with requests from law. Enforcement was released ties ziegler. Malcolm's mother says her son like many other. Young black youths has experienced firsthand. The trauma caused by negative interactions with police. She says she's concerned that despite repeatedly asking for his father his request was denied by the officers. She's demanding policy and procedural changes for interactions involving minors. So what i'm looking for is change. That is what i'm advocating. Or because i don't want their child to ask for parent and be denied. I'm nadia ramleh. Gone some of west. Virginia's lawmakers proposing abolishing the state's personal income tax during this year's legislative session social services advocates. Say the move would be devastating for children and families. The lost income would total more than two billion dollars for signature cuts to state agencies including the bureau for children and families. According to jim mckay with prevent child abuse west virginia. The state's child protective services. Division is still struggling to catch up from budget cuts during the great recession. He says he points out. Mingo county still has only one. Cps worker for the entire area who handles cases for more than seventy children. That's just heartbreaking. We know there are across the state in child protection services. And if there's budget cuts of the nature that it's being proposed. Many of those positions will remain on fills with devastating consequences. Lawmakers say that eliminating personal income tax would attract more people to live and work in west virginia. I'm diane bernard this is p. Ns electric buses and other heavy vehicles or taking to the streets. Nationwide lily bulky reports for soundbite source. Many of them are powered with batteries manufactured in south carolina. David clayton with clemson. University's international center for automotive research says the fleet services sector appears to be among the first to turn away from diesel internal combustion engines in favor of going electric that includes companies such as fedex and amazon but also port operations the cranes in vehicles. That handle cargo vote because it makes sense for their business. It's more cost effective approach in some cases but you know. They have sustainability mandates and targets that they're trying to achieve per tara the electric battery and charging station manufacturer with one plant in greenville and another near los angeles also is working with leading construction equipment manufacturer to electrify off road equipment just last month president. Joe biden announced plans to replace the government's fleet with electric vehicles wyoming lawmakers considering a proposal. That would require a governor's order before any of the state's winter. Ilk feedlots can be phased out. Jonathan rattener with the western watersheds project says the move ignores basic science and warrants. It would make it much more difficult to address. The potential for permanent chronic wasting disease contamination across western wyoming. They're making it much harder to solve this problem. By some ending in the current status quo which was developed approximately a hundred years ago prior to any understanding of disease transmission issues or wildlife management ethics conservationists sworn that feedlots where large numbers of l. Gathering close quarters potential super spreading events for the disease livestock producers and outfitters defended winter. Lots to keep elk away from cattle feed and maintain large herd numbers. I'm eric gladys and finally eric ticket off has been talking with an idaho congressman who may have taken the first step on tangling the tricky dot of dams in the northwest and their effects on salmon representative mike simpson has laid out a thirty three billion dollar columbia font while it includes breaching the four lower snake river dams. It also addresses replacing their benefits such as energy and irrigation for local agriculture. Brian brooks has the idaho wildlife federation. He says it's a critical lifeline for the region's endangered salmon and steelhead finally. Finally someone giving us attention to this issue because it is such a big problem and it's gonna require a big solution. Simpson is giving the attention. It serves simpson has been working on the plan for three years and held three hundred meetings with stakeholders over that time. More than a dozen fish species have become endangered since the dams were constructed. This is by clifford. Four public news service. 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