Senate, President Trump, Fox News discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


This is where you hear Tigers basketball six hundred EMC. Memphis, ninety two point one FM W E G R HD two Memphis, an iheartradio station. Dueling Senate votes set on Jack Callaghan. Fox news. The Senate will vote Wednesday on two competing pieces of legislation to reopen. The government the GOP back plan would put into effect the president's compromise offer of additional protection for certain illegal immigrants in exchange for border wall. Funding needing every Republican vote in the Senate seven Senate Democrats passage of that seems unlikely they'll then consider democrat spending plan backed by Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer. It would renew all of the portions of the government till February eighth open them briefly. But open them, it will allowing workers to get paid then measure would need Republican votes. And even if it gets them Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says there's no chance the president would sign it could make Claire proposal outlined by President Trump that will come here in the Senate is the only proposal the only one currently before us that can be signed by the president animatedly real. And the gover- day thirty-three of the partial federal government shutdown Los Angeles schoolteachers will be back in their classrooms in the morning. They voted to accept a new contract worked out Tuesday with the school board those preliminary counts from what are being submitted electronially. It's around it's around eighty percent or eighty two eighty three percent. Yes. On this contract. So we know that that's a a big super majority. So so we know that the strike is over union president, Alex Caputo Pearl who says teachers will get six percent raises slight reductions in class sizes and additional support staff. The baseball hall of fame has four new members. Edgar Martinez, Mike Mussina and Mariano Rivera will be inducted in July Rivera, the first player elected unanimously by the baseball writers the league pitcher ROY halladay killed in a two thousand seventeen plane crash loss will be enshrined posthumously. This is Fox News..

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