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The bronx tonight the four alarm fire broke out just before seven p m on prospekt avenue near east one hundred eighty seven street on the third floor of the fivestorey building kimberly wilkinson lives nearby yet when all of them opened up with coming out of for they were near here yet they started to give everybody i want people wanna buy a table already starting to get them on the home dazzle plaza with new there is no word yet on what caused the fire the mayor and fire commissioner were at the scene sick with ten ten wins for more on this developing story wins news time now one thirty one time for traffic and transit on the once we've got traffic delmonico's in the fdr drive with arlon members of parliament drives a moreover southbound right around the rfk bridge and then on the feer southbound from the 70s through the forties the right lanes closed and on the northbound side see some slow traffic that really heavy but they're doing work between the '60s and the 80s leaving only the left lane open and that will run until six o'clock in the morning troublefree on the west side some eastbound construction as you come off the george washington bridge right before you go over the harlem river they have a at least a one lane blocked there then the cross marxist free and clear end to end no delay the way brookner's looking good so is the major digging expressway in the bronx and here's what you need to know about the bridges and tunnels all pretty quiet lincoln holiday george do well batteries elements out onto a traffic in a single tube for the overnight but a very very quiet too weak as far as travel go so many folks have vacation so you notice the roads are much quieter alternate side is in effect on this friday your next traffic and transit update in less than ten minutes the next breaking traffic alert.

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