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It will be, uh, short little meat, and, uh, Los Alamitos. And, uh, take a look at the card and tell us what you're like. Well, one of the first things you're going to notice. We've got a lot of short fields five and six horse races. Well, that means short prices. But it also means if we only have four or five or six horses to beat in a lot of races, we should win twice as many so we can take a little bit shorter prices and for that, let's just talk about the first race. It's a one mile on the one mile track, so it's one lap starts a little too close to the turn, but was only let's see six horses going or maybe five. Only five horses going. My attention fell on the number four and the jockey is Ellenwood. Well, maybe we better explain that, Ellen what I think the next to the first name is Edith Ellenwood. She's a lady, and she hasn't won any races yet. But there's a lot of seconds there. There are a lot of thirds and last time in one of her worst rides she blew both turns by four or five lengths doesn't usually do that. When you put that trouble together with everything else, I think we have a dominating winner. At 8 to 5, maybe less than the first race. And so in the first, Let's call it number four. Machin had flats figuring by well, four plus four or whatever. And Ellen would not As bad as she looks. This could be the race to break through and gets that win. Okay. Our guest Andy Caprara, the Gino Carlos Guests handicapping line is Professor Gordon Jones. Taking a look at Los out made this one They'll run. Third brands in the daytime and the quarters at night. Gordon continues well there about four races out of the name that at nine that I like the thoroughbreds and a little later low nocturnal action. I've got three pretty good quarter of our system. Now. What does that mean? It means that my good friend and one of the best callers in America Michael Rohde is going to have a busy day after he calls nine thoroughbred races in the Afternoon and late afternoon and the evening you'll be calling eight quarter horse races. Well, one of the best thoroughbred races comes up in the second. It's 5.5 for long. The maiden claimers are going and the number four horse just like the number four in the first race. We have before in the second, six horses going and I'd like Gordy's boy now the jockey here cave fray. Kyle Frayed, may not be familiar to a lot of people. He hasn't been writing down South very long. But here's what happened with Kyle. He looked at Sadeer, who lets Golden Gate and went south and studios doing very, very well. He looked at Jay Jay Hernandez is Buddy J. J. He went south and did very well. Kyle elected to beer and said, Hey, I'm just as good as they are, And that's true. He's as good as anybody who has come in from Golden Gate Fields and this guy, Kyle phrase. You can really ride. I know him. Well, actually, Sam. We did a seminar together at Shade Park at Santa Rosa Fair, and I said, Who is this guy that never stops smiling? Well, it was Kyle frayed. His grandfather, Paul Frey never smiled at all. He was very stern. He was his teacher, but a good teacher and a good writer Kyle Frey picked up everything from Granddad even learned how to smile. It was all the winds he's had around the country. He deserves to be smiling. Now. Cordis boy was second at Del Mar, dropping down at Los Alamitos figures by another four or five links. And last night Can you believe that jockey can't the ceremony lost the reins and didn't fall off? The horse regained the rains, and it's another, their trouble play figuring by four so by the four, the four by four and the first before by four in the second. And Sam. What if I share a daily double? That would be outstanding. Especially hits. Yeah, well, that's get it going then in the small fields, high percentage short fields, but short prices but high percentage let's take the number four in the first race. To the 1246 here in the second and then in case that's far as don't win everything. Let's go one. Let's say, Let's make sure I've got this 14 or five of the first race to the number four in the second floor is a wild in the first two for a long time. Armenia's Today Sam Yeah. Okay. Now, uh, they will be racing at Del Amo hard for the British camp. So some of these races around the country over the next month or so we'll be Ship in your area. I mean, I win and you're in the Breeders' Cup and it will be held Delmar. So it's going to be a spectacle. Uh, like no other when you go to jail mark and have the best horses and the country earning By the side of the sea, where the church meets to surf in November. It'll be sort of like the Santa Anita Oaktree meeting, which is Santa Anita running in October, and it's a good beach. And this will be a Delmar running in November leading up to the Breeders' Cup, and that should be a tremendous speech just a tremendous made down where the church meets the surf in November. The second time Del Mar is hosted the readers cop and I'll bet you outline of horses in the last hour meters are going to win a few races at that meet. Here and we also we mind people that you can buy tickets to this year's Breederscup just go online to del mar dot com to purchase your ticket to the British Cup, which is on November 5th, uh and six..

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