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I get like unless it was like it was like something very serious like the person like assaulted me or something. Right. Right. You know that that never becomes less embarrassing time. But I think a lot of the like, you know. Girl, you dislike I know. Happy for your your the love like that you have right now. And don't focus on the hate. I think that's beautiful. I mean. Yeah. You got a lot going on go read guests set up that wedding website, go go shopping for dresses you plan. Okay. Lock. Chris said the registry. Yeah. Get off of instruments get like get on Amazon get on Pinterest girl star just fucking manically pinning all day long and just pin those Instagram feelings away. So do we do take another call? Yeah. Or do you want to hear like another piece of news for my life? Okay. Let's okay. What do you want? I haven't we haven't really liked caught up since apple picking. But. Notice I've looked different. So like that changes like the like. It's undeniable. What are you talking about? Molly. Well, you know, what I'm saying like so low I don't years I've been different and finally had the opportunity to do something about it. And I'm really excited because you don't like it's so expensive like all the hospital bills is in so fucking expensive. What hospital? I went on Dr Phil this week. What I won't on Dr fell. No. Yeah. I did. I want Dr Phil. Yeah. And I finally got help Molly. I'm so excited, Molly. Yeah. Molly, you wanna just watch it. What are you talking about? I was on Dr Phil. Let's just stuff. Just watch. It just watch it. No. It's really it's it's it's good news. I I honestly. It was it was probably one of the biggest problems in my life. And like a lot of it's been a private struggle like you've known ED's known. But it's it's been like a private struggle. And I actually got help Dr talking. What have I known Christina watch the clip? I am one thousand percent certain that I am six. I am getting six heartbeats your health..

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