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Everything you have and you fall short of the goal okay who who you become in that process the qualities characteristics the habits the mindset the skill sets those don't leave you and now you are a better version of who you were when you set out to achieve that goal and all you do is either keep pursuing that goal and no it's going to take longer or you apply that new better improve version of yourself to your next school and maybe you hit that goal but guess what maybe you don't but if you approach it with you know what i call the miracle equation unwavering faith and extraordinary effort and you give it everything when you have until the last moment to achieve the goal you might hit that goal or you might miss it but the point is you're going to get better and better and more capable more and more deserving of achieving monumental meaningful boys not by achieving the goals along the way but by who oh you become in the process and like you said zigzag beautiful famous flossy which by the way is the crux of my next book. I'm working on right. I you have to become the first i need be then do the things you need to do to have like you want but most people get this backwards they think once i have more time once. I have more money than i can do. The things like exercise and give to charity so i can have a life of health and of meaning no no no no no. I you got to be the person then do the things then then. You'll have the life not the other way around. I love that that's been one as a as long as i've been in the health and wellness arena. I've realized that the people look at folks who've achieve something look at hal elrod goal of course he exercises and maybe has a personal trainer goes to the gym four to now and what i found out just like you have in my research was no they. You did those things so that they could become who they were. I wanna come to a point that you make that. I appreciate so much maybe <hes> maybe again and achilles heel and personal development when you speak to the need this came right out of the miracle question the need for us to be happy and grateful for who we are and where we are right now to have some contentment with ourselves and not have negative feelings negative self image where we are so be okay with us now but and this is right this is your your writing and also following the innate human desire to grow and improve and you said i see a lot of folks on one side of the other never content content with themselves. They're striving striving and those who have given up and just want to be okay with where they are and i hear that so often can just be all this striving and personal developed. We seem to be okay. Okay with who we are and i love you. Put that we all have this innate desire to be better at. It's almost boring. If what what else is there to do just to stay in the status this quote and go gosh. I've i've actually arrived. No we all want to so looking at that. I think i want you to speak to that a little bit striking that balance because i do see polarization attention on those two issues and you see people just driving themselves and they're never at peace okay. That's not good. That's not what we're talking about personal development but then the others over here who've gotten so frustrated with that with their never okay they're never enough and so you speak to that balance you speak to those issues. I want you to speak to the balance there. Yeah i think it's one of the most important paradigm in life to hold and forgot who said that but there's someone that said like that's a sign line of genius or something when you can hold two opposing simultaneously right whereas most people go no no this is the way that it is and if you don't believe <hes> you're wrong in politics all the time right. No no no. This is the way it's like. What if it's a little bit of both what if there's wisdom from both of your perspectives and somewhere in the middle is the truth or the best way to do it so here's the point and the first quote i'm big on reading quotes..

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