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And greater things. Monday. Today should be the people's all of it. Now you may say, I don't know. Labor Day is kind of like the people's holiday. Not really. I would say Super Bowl Monday is the people solving. We have We have days for presidents we have days for Jesus. We have day further deed. We need a birth of the country. We need a holiday for the people. I demand that Monday. The dance is superbly. The people saw that it should be a three day weekend. I put that as a petition on Instagram. Actually, I agree, but it's totally sore on there. Get Potter's here. My producer tiff at the tiff pot on Instagram and Twitter, and it's three things with Tiff, Potter. Just three things. You know, I feel as if we have a lot more. And this one feels like we should. And it's about your sleigh. I could just tell your I'm sorry I'm looking through. I'm can't even count. How many people replied Yes. Yeah, I said, get a petition to have the Monday off by a petition into our boss, Would you sign it? And it's like I can't even see my thumb is not ridiculous. Finally, just like by the way I can remember the last time I went to I went to bed before the Super Bowls over last night. Was that game? Yeah, if you if you went to sleep, you're waking up this morning. And it is Tom Obey for sure down in travel in Bucks County. Well, they won the Stanley Cup They want the you know, with the World Series. They want a statement on the Stanley Cup. Tampa Bay Lightning on the stamp book the cup and that's fine. That's raising shut up. Uh, before. That's my dream, but nonetheless s. Oh, that's three championships in Tampa is pretty good. When did they win the series? What? The world, sir. You know, they didn't win it. Okay. Oh, they went okay. Right, Right. Right. So anyway s Oh, yeah, that we all right, You're gonna get your Tom Brady's thing in here Love your time. But it was a sad break up for me. Yesterday I went through and reminisce that all my old photos of broadcasting live from the ruling rallies. And to be honest, like, yes, I follow the story. Yes, we were kind of all rooting for Tom or Not rooting for Tom would depending on your your taking rooting for Tom. I was totally waiting for the story. Like what a crazy Just crazy story, But it was definitely sad. I mean, the latest picture I posted on Instagram with me porn on a beer for Tom and all the That was all the memories. We had a swell but yesterday there's no doubt about who saw that coming. Vegas didn't see that coming. Nobody saw that one saw that coming. Some money was not even touched down made yesterday. I mean, if you said that if Casey wouldn't score touchdowns you put on $100 on you'd have more money than like if you put on Gamestop way are going to get the Gamestop actually in this report. Yeah, You know, I Went to Braxton and Pendleton yesterday and I made my friends get there Three o'clock, So I was like it's going to be packed, sold out and we were the only ones. No, I am not kidding. They came over to our table like just after halftime and said, Hey, it's Last call, like you know, you guys were the only ones less scared after and I made them show for three o'clock because I thought it was gonna be busy, But it just I couldn't tell if people were watching the Super Bowl or they didn't care about it. Or they were just watching it from home. Like I really couldn't see with my e. That's a good sample right there. Right, Braxton, Like, so I want it. Oh, I think people she goes in and help e thought I thought because every other playoff game we've gone there. I love it because I got the TV sound. On day it's been packed. In a safe covert way. Okay. Meaning gonna backpack to quote unquote? Yeah, You can't stay open. That's that's so Here's me complaining about. You know, the paying people to stay home and look what just happened with that? So, but we do have a Super Bowl M v p. That was pretty clear who are Super Bowl M V P was yesterday. Right? And okay. Yes, I thought you mean Tom Brady. But no. You mean the streaker. And if you haven't heard this audio yet? It's hilarious because we didn't see it on the screen because because television pans away. No, no, We can't do it. Yeah, we don't want to create their people. By doing so We got to pretend to be all offended, because, well, I think they're offended. But they're like, no, don't do this. This isn't funny, so, but the winner at the streaker wasn't the winner. It's the audio that we have from the streaker. There's the wind is.

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