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The show has lost a dear friend of the program. Country Music Rock Star Superstar Hall of Fame member Charlie Daniels has passed on heaven is now Taken on an angel. Today he died. It was rather suddenly at Summit Medical Center in in Tennessee. He had a stroke. He's 83 years old. We've gotten to know Charlie so so well over the years. He is a dear friend. He was a great patriot out. Spoken to me was a mentor. He made dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of trips. His toe honor and provide some entertainment and hope for our troops abroad his entire career. I had the pleasure of going on a freedom concert tour with him, and we did raise a lot of money that has been used as a as the Freedom Alliance charity to provide scholarships for the soldiers for the Children of slain soldiers. In Iraq and Afghanistan or the severely injured and he did it with the graciousness and a love of our military and and the country. That is, ah, unprecedented. He's somebody that could never be replaced, gave his time He gave his talent to so many charitable organizations, the Journey home project. He founded that in 2014 and that helps veterans of the United States armed forces. Anyway, we're going to miss our friend Charlie. You know, one of the one of the greatest memories in my life is getting on stage with him and and singing. The devil went down to Georgia with him. Well, let's say I ruined the devil that went down to Georgia. But it's so much fun. He was a patriot. He loved freedom. He loved funny love football. He loved God. He loved his family loved this country with all his heart. And he served his fellow man and heaven received an angel today in our hearts are broken. Just want to reach out to all of his friends and family, of course, and many, many fans. Those of you that we're out on the road with us throughout those concert years, and he was there at many of them just amazing man, and it was reflected in his music, and it's reflected and how he lived his life. By definition. I mean, great and faithful servant. They were John. And Yes, sir. You gandered formation. You're picking the patch. Yeah, I'm gonna go with the Hawks. You go in the Hawks. It's always what? What? Well, I just thought before we get into the business of Mr Daniels, the legend here I was also was going to introduce my buddy. My friend, my pal, The great Patriot. The great football fan, The one of the greatest country only haven't done early manuals is here. I love what I did, and And when you love what you do, you don't mind going to work here? People say I have to go to work. I never had to go to work. I always looked forward to a fictional stage people, but I take it you're being detained, and that's what I do. But only another plant the songs that I believe in. But somebody has my pain because I'm a stated that everybody should this be a totally completely different country. If everybody would just express their opinions and not some piece of stuff. They've heard. Somebody repeat, how much stuff you get your email. That is nothing but just a rewrite races and things you know. And if you found the word racist, and the word is the word bigot. The word fascist don't mean anything anymore because it's used by people who have no idea what it means. And you've been a good friend. Thank you. So of you. God bless you, Charlie Daniels. When the devil finished, Johnny said,.

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