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Fan sites with Lisa Jaffe the White House is insisting the fundamentals of the US economy are strong invoking an ill fated political declaration of a decade ago amid mounting concern that a recession could imperil the president's reelection they finally opened at the James James street intersection by Yesler where a dump truck crashed into a pedestrian vehicles in the subway restaurant in pioneer square injuring five people this morning democratic congresswoman L. Han Omar and she did to leave are taking are talking more about the travel restrictions on them when it comes to Israel and Palestinian territories it comes only days after prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to block the two lawmakers from entering Israel for an official visit to leap says people should take notice on what's happening all of us Americans should be deeply disturbed Amar added her belief president trump is pitting Muslims and Jews Jewish individuals against each other meanwhile some in Israel see what they believe to be another gaffe by the congresswoman ABC store data Miller has more from Jerusalem house members Ilan Omar and Rasheeda to leave making headlines once again here in Israel that after they posted on Instagram this week in a cartoon by Carlos slow to fund their entry ban into Israel their support of the Brazilian Lebanese cartoonist pounding anger and shock platoons work over the years has been laced with anti semitism in two thousand and six he won second prize in Iran's international Holocaust cartoon competition what is widely condemned for mocking in denying the Holocaust Giordana Miller ABC news Jerusalem in front of a crowd at the native American presidential forum twenty twenty democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren offered an apology for any harm she caused regarding her claims of native American ancestry A. B. C.'s Mona Kosar update with the report following a standing ovation democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren began her speech of the native American presidential forum with an apology I have listened and I have learned a lot the Massachusetts senator referring to backlash she received her past claims of native American ancestry and her subsequent DNA test warrant speech comes on the heels of her campaign's rollout of a lengthy an exhaustive policy plan which in part calls for a cabinet level position of native American affairs Motoko surround the ABC news Washington apprehensions of undocumented immigrants along the US Mexico border fell again last month A. B. C.'s Jim Ryan in Texas with a look at the latest numbers these are not people seeking asylum at border checkpoints but those trying to slip through between the ports of entry last month we have seen the decrease Fidel baka of customs and border protection says seventy two thousand people were caught illegally entering the country last month that's down substantially from June these numbers are still high compared to last year some say the two month decline is the result of a crackdown by Mexico on illegal immigration Baca believes it's cyclical right now we just happened to be on the decline Jim Ryan ABC news Dallas in southern California the hunt is on for a man who stabbed and killed a retired cal state Fullerton university retired administrator on campus ABC's Alex stone with the details on the hunt police believe the murder victim was targeted the retired administrator was stabbed numerous times his body found slumped in a car in the school parking lot the suspect left behind a back back says Fullerton police lieutenant John radius inside the backpack there was an incendiary device that was located also inside the backpack.

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