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The head of the Birmingham chat in delay, c. p. has been head been implicated in the. Overall scheme. His name is has Jackson, the guy who's on trial testified that he paid the head of intimacy p to get those to not have their soil tested. Because you know, I think the rumor was from what I heard was that he was telling folks that if they got their soul tested by government agency that would open them up to have their land taking via imminent domain. So there was a press conference that was that went on with a couple of ham activists a couple of weeks ago where they said, you know, if you've been paid to step now, he said that he stood up there and he, he crashed the press conference essentially and said, I need to see the evidence. Show me the voices, whether documentation, well, the documentation came out this week. And their emails between this guy has. Jax and stay represented. Oliver Robinson, that's on trial emails, documentation, house, shale, nonprofit corporations that were actually funded by the people who were polluting the community. This nonprofit held a coat drive where the families of poor people for being told they could get a free quote coat, but they while they were there, they would be hearing a pitch on why the EPA shouldn't be allowed to test their land. So you give people coats because they're poor in cope so you can manipulate them into not suing these folks. Okay, that's a trade off. Isn't it? Wow, but you know, that's very similar to situation that occurred in my hometown. It's actually still going on to this day and it actually struck a nerve with me pretty bad there. It was always kind of odd to me growing up as a kid, but I never questioned it. You will go into this of course, as we will label it a black neighborhood within this black neighborhood. There's this huge like factory, right? I mean, huge and they did something with like would treatment or something. So there will be huge stacks of wood with that. Guess whatever chemicals and stuff that they put on will. They apparently decided they ran something underground that was supposed to think may at think the intention was for it to go down to some Lakers something I dunno empty out or very, it was just supposed to go underground here. I don't know what the actual intention was, but of course it was a known thing that chemicals were underground. But of course it was a primarily black neighborhood. So who cared? Right, right. Well, I think the only reason he came to light, a local church started digging to do something, and in the process uncovered all of this stuff under the ground. And it was like, you know, what is that? And they get tested and found out this stuff. And then it was identified it. That was the source big lawsuit. Long story short is gone around circles and circles and circles. One law firm. Another law firm currently there. Other handful of people at myself included who are now part of the first group of people that were included in that class action lawsuit, and everybody's just like, hey, you know, win window Accu much. It. Everybody's checking for everybody's waiting. You know they're getting the runaround die before they see that money. Well, yeah, a lot of the people that have been paid already, they receive payments for family members that have been dead for years. I mean, it was announced that these chemicals caused cancers other issues as a lot of people upset about it. The hulk is the company was care McGee. They changed the name, of course, they sold it to another companies on now there was the hangup and who do you sue and so on so forth? Yes, horrible. But right now it's like the trucks claim. It's like this who actually smoke with. I've been waiting on my check. Yeah, Nema Nema coal issue with this is. Black leaders, quote, unquote black leaders claiming to serve our community and pimping our community at the same time. Now there are now I have a huge now..

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