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News time six thirty one CBS news update his neighbors in south Houston. Are shocked police, are searching for sixty two year old Joseph Papa he's. The newly named suspect in the. Murder of a renown cardiologists in bother people around here and then go around looking for trouble. Either a manhunt for Pappas is underway after police identified him. As the, person who shot and killed Dr. Mark house connect, as he wrote his bike home from work last month. CBS is Omar Villafranca everybody's looking for this for this guy at this point, this was a shocking, crime that happened in. The busy medical district in broad daylight and it was the doctor was Very prominent man Houston. Police chief art ASA. Vado says the motive may have been. Revenge the only. Time between the dock and him is the fact that we have confirmed that his, mom died on the operating table Over twenty years ago Dr house, connect had also treated former president George H W Bush. CBS news update I'm Deborah Rodriguez KCBS news time, six thirty to the lawyer for the family of a teenager who was stabbed to. Death on, Bart last week says the, system's not doing enough to protect its, riders KCBS reporter Holly. Kwon tells us live this morning the family plans to sue to force. The transit agency to fix its safety problems Holly Susan in addition to monetary. Damages the family plans to demand that barred, better staff its turnstiles so fare evaders. Will be caught. In the act banned from the system they want more accurate and current information about system wide and station specific crimes John Lee cows accused of fatally stabbing eighteen-year-old Neil Wilson and slashing her, sister's throat he was arrested, the next day after pictures of him were widely circulated pictures that, were, captured, by police body cams when cow was stop for fear of. Asian less than a week before Bart board member Robert Rayburn six months ago we wouldn't have even had that image of this Specht Wilson's family. Says after that cow should never have been allowed back on the trains now Bart defends its attempts to fight fair evasion and improve surveillance saying, has working cameras on all trains and is beefing up. Patrols using officers on overtime reporting live Holly Kwan, kissy Bs thanks San Francisco and Santa Clara county lawyers prepared for more legal work. To prove, that no sanctuary jurisdictions in, the entire nation should be denied federal, funding KCBS is Margie. Schaeffer says this follows the ruling by the ninth circuit court of appeals. In San Francisco that immigrant friendly California cities and counties cannot have their federal. Funds withheld the ninth circuit court of appeals, ruling is a blow to the Trump. Administration's efforts to. Punish cities and states that fail to help enforce federal immigration law we see this as a resounding victory and a very important victory that shows this administration that cannot do what they want, they have to confine themselves, to actions that our constitutional and respect the other Branches of government, that, is the von met with the San Francisco city attorney's office the court said Trump exceeded his authority because only congress can put conditions on federal funds. Still the ruling does not extend beyond California the ninth circuit found that, there were not sufficient facts that were presented on how this order would affect other jurisdictions, as a whole and sent, us, back to, the trial court for further fax Perry says they are prepared to explain why Trump's executive order should be blocked across the country. The Trump. Administration has not said whether they will appeal the ruling to the supreme court Margie Schaefer KCBS organizers of a protest of, white, supremacists are angry at Facebook for disabling their page. For an event in Washington this month Facebook had said that site and thirty one others had been created by bad actors who are misusing the site and. May be linked to an account created by Russia's internet research agency known by many as a troll farm but organizers of. The protests say Facebook's contention is not true and point out there event pay Was created before, the pages and accounts scrubbed, by Facebook or set up KCBS news time is six thirty five Check it out with Jason Brooks stand off to a tough start today the Dow dropping one hundred eighty points to twenty five thousand one hundred fifty four NASDAQ down thirty four points. To seventy. Six seventy three as a p.,.

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