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The lawyers have had me begin to note. I am not a Representative of the red and Bacher nor Kraft food Inc. Nor the stock holder direct doors of any of these involved companies, and I do not in any way represent any of the popcorn entities under penalty of perjury. But I am Steve reddened Bacher, and I have here on a day. Unlike any day popcorn day and through no small investment from the leaders of your council. I have shown up to reflect on the greatness of popcorn. So many have thought the popcorn is something that has grown reside other corn. Amidst other corn not at all popcorn is specialty crop grown in specialty environments throughout the United States in Central America's and. I. Find popcorn mentally valuable despite its ubiquity despite how it's available in virtually any snack environment. We come across in the United States. In fact, I enjoy in. So many words I went on to say I enjoy. Finishing handful after handful of fresh pop popcorn. With corn syrup. And just let you know had beside me this plastic bottle of corn syrup but had ended out all the corn syrup which is clear in put in water and tiny bit of food coloring, which the tiniest yellow tint, which it looks like corn syrup, and then if you do it if you do this if you do this prop, right? You can just chug it, and no one can really tell if it's thick or thin waters. A lot thinner. Then I was like let me show you how it's done. And then I just Shug d- this bottle of what everyone thought was corn syrup. And I let a little bit dribble out of the two sides of my mouth onto my onto my code at cetera. And then I just stopped and stared with my book teeth and looked around everybody with wide eyes and said, I do not feel good. And then I rushed out of the room. And what you would think with happen. Is that I might have come back into the room. I hadn't really thought through what I was going to do after I did the skit and it was only like two PM in the afternoon. Anyway, I I was not I was not permanently relieved of any duties or even even temporarily. The people did not revolt against me. I didn't say anything do anything is that over the top. But I I gotta say my popcorn day experience. I may have overdone it and no one really is talked about since. So there's that. Nobody at work. I feel like I probably lost a few friends at work a few people that didn't work with directly. I feel like they probably have distance from me. Let's see here. So my birthday is in August. August seventh. What's interesting? All I really wanted to do. My birthday was relax and not do anything like really expensive, or my lovely wife is a runner, and I'm a runner she's more of a runner than I am. But we found a trail trail is probably doesn't quite accurate. It's his former railroad path in Ashland city, which is about forty five minutes drive from west Nashville, and I could get anybody info if they want it. It's not hard to find. I think it's Ashland city Greenway or something like that. But it's really wide. Former formerly there was real road and rail ties there, but there's because of that there's some bridges, and it is very scenic run, and it goes about three and a half four miles. And then if you go out and back, it's obviously seven or eight miles and. We did it. We did the whole thing. And it was hot. It was probably like ten AM when we started and. Just. It was some we'd both had heard other friends talk about it. And we went and did it and that was great. And then as like we planned this at a time Tara, they're lovely. Parents have a lovely swimming pool at Brentwood. All I wanna do is hang out the second half of the day at your parents pool. That's there's absolutely welcome to be there they want, but I just want to hang out there. And and her parents were so kind got.

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