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Done so I'm Sam Shane and we are heading now to Mister Kelly brothers for money news with Jenna Meusburger brothers hi Kelly how are you hello Sam yes toys R. us may be making a comeback the company that kind of old as the remnants of toys R. us which had gone bankrupt and closed down hundreds of stores they are now playing to open to stores this year one in New Jersey wanted Texas and they want to open a another fifteen to twenty over the next two years smaller stores and to be very tech driven so they've taken on a new tech partner I I thought all along as I should just bought the brand name and and stuck it on the platform but looks like they're trying to do that independently and we'll see how that goes Netflix reported its first quarterly decline in U. S. subscribers in nearly a decade well it was it is it just all the new competition was at the price increase if they're not exactly sure but we'll find out it's it's a whole New World I mean for Netflix is kind of interesting they like that they they created this industry of streaming and now you have a bunch of copy cats coming on line here in the next six nine twelve months or so and yes they are losing friends in the office but stranger things kind of bail them out the last few weeks anyway a case you're wondering that flicks down over ten percent in early trading Dow down thirty five at twenty seven one eighty four nasdaq down seventeen eighty one sixty seven the S. and P. down three point scroll down five in our ten year bond deal two point oh seven percent thank you very much Kelly the other county library is offering.

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