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Seems to been working right up to the end of his long life. He was 91 years old. I think he worked from the day he was born. There is if you do not like him in a movie, you've just not watched movies because I am Bebe has him at over 200 credits in his lifetime, and we're talking about everything you know. Like you just played there from the sound of music to return of the Pink Panther to Star Trek six. A beautiful mind The insider up girl with the Dragon tattoo recently knives out, which was just you know, little over a year ago, he was in that and he was working. There's one credit to his name that he was working on, at least in terms of a voice Actor. Up until the end there, so we don't know exactly what happened. Other than the fact that he was 91 Possibly this was old age or if there was anything else so associated with it, But like you said he was working pretty much right up into the end. Was stunned by his performance and knives out. I thought for a guy who was in who of that age and the enthusiasm and what he put into that role. He didn't have to work, but he was just so good at it. I guess he didn't want to give it up. Sure that you know that's the case with so many people who, when they find something that they love, and what they do is not a job. It is it comes from their heart and they love it. Why stop doing it? And you're right and knives out. He was Fantastic. And you think about you know the end scene where he kind of ties it all together and you get the sense of you know what this woman was going through and what she was told in the, which was acting on and The way he kind of describes lays out this plan for her on D fact that he was 87 or 88 when he was doing that is just extraordinary. My generation remembers him from the role of Captain von Trapp in Sound of music. As you mentioned, we heard the sound bite a second ago. And you know, he said, I remember reading something, Jason that he really didn't even like that movie or expected to become a classic hits. You know, not surprising, and I don't know that he, you know, he's a kind of classically trained Shakespeare. Pepe Guy. Uh, this is a musical on film when musicals and films weren't necessarily the thing to do at that time. So it might have been seen as frivolous, Possibly. But he was He was great in that role. I mean, he really He acted his his his tail off and he's fantastic in it. We, as you mentioned don't know a cause of death for a lot of detail, But we do know that he was at home in Connecticut. Is that right? Yeah, with his wife, Elaine Taylor. We're told by his side, the two of them together in the statement from his manager, longtime friend that he and his wife had been together for 53 years was there with him. Bond that she was by his side, You know, might seem to lead that there was some kind of illness or something that was going on. Or maybe this is just sudden. We don't know. I mean, one of the first question is, of course in this time is that what does this have Anything to do with Kovar 19, which has taken so many people. Especially in that age range. But we've not heard anything about that. With ABC ENTERTAINMENT NEWS, Jason Nathan Seuin with Cuomo's Ric van size and again If you just heard this for the first time we lost Christopher Plummer. Passed away at the age of 91 early Friday and getting back to mention there that Rick was saying about Christopher Plummer and his distance from the sound of music. It was a couple of years ago, I had the honor of doing the sound of music sing along, which was a long time tradition here in Seattle at the Fifth Avenue Theater, Dwayne Chase Was hanging out with me that night. He actually lives in the area. Dwayne Chase played Kurt von Tropp in the movie made a big deal about the fact you chose Mark. I beat out Kurt Russell for the role. And Wayne was telling me that everybody in the cast Julie Andrews, and everyone has kept in contact. They all have their phone numbers and her cell phones. In fact, right on stage. He showed me a cell phone. And there was the number of Julie Andrews but join Did mention Christopher Plummer stayed away from all the re unions when it came to, you know, making appearances on network Morning news and such, but they still had Phone number, and they could call and say hi. In fact, I read somewhere that Christopher Plummer always referred to the sound of music. It made him a star, but it was a role, he lamented as humorless and one Dimensional. And I gotta say ABC television has done well, at least once a year. They still air the sound of music. This is come on news. Now for the weekend version of the propel insurance, money and business report. Amazon has reportedly ordered more than 1000 truck engines that run on compressed natural gas as a test ways to shift its U. S fleet away from.

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