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Clayton county all the clear as his co leader county Merryweather county pike county Lamar county troup county in the clear I know you say what's coming in here well to some heavy rain don't see anything violent with this area coming from Dallas down through the lyric and Carrollton and just to the north of west point lake here in the northern part of heard county we also see some very heavy rain rolling through self nothing as far as significant weather threats go with this just some locally heavy downpours not even seeing his signature of any strong straight line winds so you can see how much of the real estate across north and western Georgia is now being cleared by the National Weather Service from the sword tornado watch that would be in effect until seven AM still locally heavy rainfall here in around intent and the tornado warning continues now for Greensboro but let's see if we can't switch radar modes blind a another radar here I'm trying to strive to see a little bit here in northeast of Putnam County I'm getting a little called purple haze thank not really seen the identifiable debris signature any other at all so still seeing some locally heavy rainfall and some gusty winds a likely for southern part of Greene County so there you go some strong straight line wind also possible as the storm through now through southern part of Greene County so I'm not seeing anything as far as northeastern Georgia anymore for the mountains either if we cancel out the radar a little bit to get a wider view and not seen a whole lot there so some good news it's just they don't see much in the way of any structure to the storms anymore so just some heavy rain storms maybe losing their punch as we get into a little more stable environment as we get into South Carolina again just about two hours ago we were in the mid to upper seventies close to eighty degrees in some spots in northern Georgia look at the bug over there the temperature bug it's sixty six now so some rain cooled air really stabilizing the atmosphere so this is just rain now moving along I. twenty into Carroll County back into the northern part of heard county and I hear things going off in the weather center what we have Brad they new severe thunderstorm warning about for middle Georgia okay some good news there so get more counties are being dropped as the system moves rapidly now in the South Carolina the tornado watch in effect until seven AM will likely be canceled away before then so with three thirty five in the morning and we're seeing now the counties that are being dropped from the west to the east and more counties will be included in the next round so White County and towns county or out of it now Dawson county.

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