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A roadside assistance. With Lisa Jaffe, I'm Tom Glasgow. Jeremy grater is at the editor's desk. As we take a look at some of the day's top stories, another partial shutdown of the federal government may be looming. One quarter of the federal government runs out of money. Again, at week's end, Republican and democratic budget negotiators are stuck in a dispute over immigration enforcement and dollars for border security to attack season underway. The Internal Revenue Service has Americans are a bit more sluggish in filing their returns this year, the number of individual tax returns received in the first week dropped more than twelve percent from last year coming up their tops and owner satisfaction. But consumer reports no longer recommends Dyson stick vacuums name. Herb Weisbaum with why the editors did this last week Democrats in congress unveiled their green new deal calling for an overhaul of the nation's energy sector. This is congresswoman Alexandria Akassou Cortes. We're here to say. That small incremental policy solutions are not enough since it was revealed. The president has said it would eliminate all planes and cows, Salvador Rizzo is a fact checker for the Washington Post. He spoke with komo's Taylor van Cise. What are the key goals of the green new deal as it's currently written? It's a resolution that has been introduced in the house and the Senate it's one of those resolutions that even if it passes it wouldn't have the force of law. So it's just a statement of broad principles. That's an important thing to keep in mind. Legislation would come later key goals. They're pretty sweeping very ambitious. It's a job guarantee for everyone healthcare.

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