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While now want to tell you the two of the things I'm most passionate about our nutrition and my dog teddy so when I was asked to try rough greens with teddy a nutritional supplement for dogs I was interested but skeptical because most of our products are just dead food there are none of the live nutrients that dogs need like probiotics enzymes law vitamins omega oils and antioxidants when I read the back of the rough greens back I was shocked the stuff is loaded with all interest you dog needs to live a healthy life I'm giving it to teddy for a while now he loves it and see the difference it makes and it's amazing if you love your dog as much as I love tell you've gotta go to rough greens dot com slash savage and you're going to get a fourteen day jumpstart bag for just fourteen ninety five he will give you a dog all of the live nutrients necessary for their superior health your dog trust you to give them great nutrition you might not have a PhD in nutrition as.

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