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Escaped significant damage in his own home, helped his close friend hall furniture into the yard and strip out the wet flooring. He said. The tragedy of the situation which he's calling Waverly is Hurricane Katrina was sinking in, and he was concerned about the possibility of future disasters. I don't know what you're supposed to be 100 Year flood and it's happened three times. Blood like Similar to this happened three times in the past 11 years. What happened in this region with a record of 17 inches of rain in a day tracks with predictions of how climate change is affecting the area? The Environmental Protection Agency has said there will be increased flooding, and by some estimates, hundreds of thousands of Tennessee INS will face a greater risk of flooding as the climate heats up. Towards the center of Waverly Debris piled roughly 12 FT. High against the bridge, where local urban rescue team faced one of the heaviest recovery task looking for the missing bodies. Mark would fine of the Nashville police said they were looking for a 15 year old girl last seen on a boat two days earlier. You know, we're hoping to bring any type of closure for the family. It's you know, it's very tragic. Give the in pictures Don't do it justice down here. You know, it's just Devastation Ban. The cleanup may take weeks, but the recovery and the rebuilding are likely to take several years. For NPR News. I'm Caroline Eggers and Waverly, Tennessee. It's all things considered on double the one my C. I'm Sean Carlson. This week, we heard a celebration of old school soul from the Apollo Theater, a celebration of crowded city streets from parquet courts and futurist R and B from James.

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