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Beach near the blue water resort now keep in mind this is where those guys were staying this is between eleven am in noon on that saturday and to walk by herself to this countering i'm assuming so because she was there by herself we know that britney was not enjoying the company of the girls that she was staying with so but at the same time peter could have picked her up mean meaning that them bitches because those guys did have a vehicle right so this could have been an arranged hang out and he could have picked her up or one of the guys could have picked her up using their vehicle yeah but it could have been out simple as you're hanging on the beach get a text hey you guys doing we're hanging on the beach hey i'll come down and you go okay you know like you're not gonna get up from the beach to go pick her up there was a there is a rumor out there too that britney not only was she not getting along with these other girls but she may have been the target of pranks or bullying by the other girls i found one story sating that she was sitting or lying on a murphy bed that was i guess that was her bed in the hotel room that they were sharing and one of the girls pushed the button to stow the bed so you know went up on britney almost smashing her against the wall so like i said mean little bitches we know that she knows peter and now she has met peter's friend friends and so it kind of makes sense if this is what's going on that she would seek out different companions to hang out with during the course of the remainder of this trip now she met peter in the guys at the beach that note right there in my notes with lead me to believe that she made her own way there it's believed that britney is some point that day must have got a ride from peter perhaps back to the hotel though which is a one point four miles away down ocean boulevard strip or like i said y you'd have to visit one of these places to understand what the strip is i mean i don't know if you remember but when we're in panama all i think that was your senior year in my junior year if i remember correctly or maybe you're to new year my sophomore year who knows but but i just remember the strip being so congested that to drive one point four miles you might as well does walk so yeah it would take like forty five one point four miles might take you forty five minutes in our right so maybe one of the guys walked her back or or maybe they were walking to get something to eat and they just you know shoe follow the long until she got close enough to her hotel in one point four miles is not a long way to walk well i say that i believe that she received a ride from peter some point because we know that she left her flip flops in his car so i'm assuming going off of my notes that she met them there at the beach and maybe got a ritz ride back to hurt her hotel right so around two pm that afternoon brittany's mother dawn drexel called her about purchasing a pair of soccer cleats the call was brief but when don asks brittany what she was up to britney said.

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