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St James Palace, Britain, Albert discussed on Historical Figures


The royal couple of married in the chapel royal of st james palace in london on february ten to eighteen forty it was a wedding that set all new precedence in the western world this was the wedding that introduced the white wedding dress up until that point people had typically warn their sunday best for weddings yet victoria wanted to wear an extravagant white gown to match the beauty of her new husband this act of wearing an extravagant white gown was copied over the next couple of decades and into modern era while most of britain's celebrated some people distrusted the new prince consort there woes came from his german heritage fearing he bring unwonted german or hun influence into the courts queen victoria thought it was much ado about nothing that being said she didn't necessarily want albert involved in politics either whether it was to keep her own power or keep her love separate from the drill life of rule however albert turned out to be quite the king albert proved quite competent in dealing with the queen's ministers in managing the queen's properties he actually increase the income of the crown through investments over time and soon became her closest political adviser he taught her to observe her kingdom not from a left and right point of view but from an impartial observer weighing in all options before ushering judgment this was easier said than done at times as victoria was extremely independent and fiery she was prone to getting into temper tantrums when she was passionate about her positions yet regardless of what their quarrels were about the two would quickly reconcile and go back to being a happy couple with the queen's settled in her position as monarch melbourne finally stepped down as prime minister peel tried once again to take office this time the queen graciously accepted him as her new prime minister in 1840 of course now that the queen was married her rule had only just begun and despite gaining a new ally she was about to face her greatest challenge motherhood.

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