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To remember them. Just still know the song. No, not a chance. Okay. Cute song thing actually that. They do teach us on in in grade school about all the states. I it was not composed. When me the food Sula was in school. Well, so like, of course, I just I know it would probably take me forever right now. The name fifty states I had to start doing. I'd have to make a list as I saw that. I know I wouldn't do it in a memorize them. Jackie Bill to do it from. Well, I think we all had to memorize them as part of our American history test or class. Yeah. Probably I had a drum map I like three dimensional geographic map of I think each state that sounds like a lot. Well, no, I didn't have to do that you had to or you wanted to. I think I had to I think I had done something I wasn't supposed to the punishment. Yeah. So my teacher, and I and I enjoy doing it. I I like this. Yeah. Yeah. Jack, take his do you? Remember, man. I think in eighth grade they take it don't they take it for they go to high school. So back then, but he he memorized the state's young age. He had this great with great puzzle. That was all the state pieces, and he would put that together and needs to be able to recite the state's backwards. Ooh stuff. How that's good. Yeah. He was really. Oh, no. What did you used to be able to do used to be able to say that when he was really little he could say the alphabet backwards really quickly. Nice which is not easy to do have them tried to do super California. Stuck ex-pm widow Shas backwards. I used to be able to do it backwards. Yeah. I when the movie first came out, I could do it. Do they sing it backwards in the movie? Yeah, they well. They actually say it backwards. And seems like the type of thing that if you heard it would be easier to do than definitely think about it. Yeah. Definitely. That sounds tough. So this Sunday right is no it's today today is Kentucky Derby, right? I is it today or Sunday. It says right here on the store fourth on the first Saturday of may each year ago Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky host the Kentucky Derby dubbed, the most exciting two minutes in sports. I Kentucky Derby was held in Churchill Downs. Open in in cripes. Eighteen something eighteen seventy five. Thank you. That's crazy. I was in the right century. And the tracks owners say it's the oldest continuously held sporting event in the United States. Here's which needs to know Churchill Downs was founded by Colonel Meriwether Lewis Clark. You know of Lewis and Clark. I didn't know that. Wow. The grandson of William and Clark of William Clark who is part of the Lewis expeditionary was relative. He wasn't the guy who took it is so interesting, so he was named after both of them. Yeah. Because Meriwether Lewis, so the mayor whether Lewis Clark grandson of William Clark. In eighteen seventy two at age twenty six young Clark travel to England and France were seeing the Epsom Derby horse race inspired him to create a similar horse race spectacle at home in America. According to the shirt till downs official website Clark, leased eighty acres of land outside Louisville from his uncles. John and Henry Churchill for whom the track is named track. Over in eighteen seventy five according to official history workers added stately twin spires to the track in eighteen ninety five which became symbolic of Churchill Downs. And the Kentucky Derby, the track didn't turn a profit until nineteen three in one thousand nine hundred and one of the first ever flights in Kentucky took off from the infield of Churchill Downs. After aviator Glenn Curtiss assembled an airplane on the infield of the track is named a national historic landmark in nineteen Eighty-six in two thousand nine hundred till downs held its first night race. I didn't know that. Twenty fifteen the track hit its all time attendance record one hundred seventy thousand five hundred thirteen packing into the grandstands infield. And so people that is a lot of people. So I've I've got a friend who's from elizabethtown Kentucky, and he's out there. Visiting family this weekend. His brothers are there. And I know he's gone to the derby before says SM to there, you go into the derby says, well, no it's been raining so much that we're thinking we're not going to go. We're gonna go to Kane Lynn, which as I understand it is like another track somewhere out there, and they have for the derby, a big party with bands and big screens as he's going to watch it. There have been partying suppose like fifty thousand people go to that proof. So a little a little tidbit that I came up with. With Pete and chain who were on for Patti the oldest jockey? To ride in the Kentucky Derby, okay? Is writing today. I am going to get an age. Go ahead because the jockeys are generally smaller in stature, right? I'm going to say they can be much older cameras say the oldest. So that today we'll set a record for the oldest derby jockey ever is telling me I'm going to say he is seventy three years old. Not quite missed it by the that much. Okay. Seventy two no older. No, seventy one you're way off. Oh, you made it sound like I was close while how old's the oldest Jackie going to be fifty eight. That's the oldest one ever. Yep. The oldest before him was fifty seven who was the incredibly famous the only I think famous jockey whose name I've ever known. I just read his name far hours ago. And rick. Schumaker? Bill shoemaker Bill shoemaker. Thank you. I know Rick trimming, it was Bill shoemaker, and he is the oldest winner of the derby. And how old was he when fifty four okay. I don't know. I I would have thought they would racing older than that. And guess what? I won't be watching no Kentucky Derby. Nope. As you won't be Homer because you have no interest. I've no interest. Be watching golf if I'm awake. Well, there you go. I would be interested in going once I've been to Arlington park, and it's a lot of fun. And we keep meaning to go back and go spend a day. It is fun. You know, by my boys are into all sorts of sports where they're running ads like crazy for the Kentucky Derby, and they're like why it's two minutes. What why we know? There's races all day long. You can bet on the races really a lot of fun. But they just can't get over this. Why would I go to something for two minutes, which when you say like that does make sense? It is hard to fathom. So big race this weekend. And I saw a story earlier this week. It was in I flew a couple of times this week. And there was a story in the United. I think in the United Airlines magazine about how how much money those the horses that are bred because they've won make and it's insane amounts of money. And how. I think of three of the horses in the derby today, they're they're all related in some way, shape or form because so many of these star horses were you know, you the stud of some other horses the same. That's you know, going around making all these other horses. Once there's a champion. They want to read that champion. And so a lot of these sources are going to be related to each other in the race today. Right. So that's I'm not related to any. I'm that's why I'm not sure. Positive. How much is four. Did you try turning on the stream? Little wine soft music. She wanted nothing to do with me. Take a quick break. And then the latest story they came out this week in the college admission scandal this just gets crazier and crazier. We'll talk about that next seven twenty WGN..

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