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So and let them know why like them it really is a great exercise Hannie guided about this hear me out your love it for a couple of minutes. Oh my God. These people are just a mess. Elvis Duran and the morning show. So have you played relative insanity yet, one of our favorite games? You know, how everyone thinks you're a comedian. Well, relative insanity is the game that actually makes everyone funny just by playing the punchline cards. You wanna be funny? Get relative insanity at WalMart and Amazon. The first time we did the nineties awards. We all it'll be fine. It's whatever. But the response from our listeners was so positive like, wow. You make me wanna go to work or school today and say something nice to someone that I've been thinking all along. But I never told them, you know, what I could sit here until Sam Sam, you know, are great because of this this and this. But if I never tell you, you know, you need to know. Yeah. And I can't wait next time. We do Nikes we'll know diamond well enough to include. Yes. But as we know nothing nice about. Awesome. Air. I don't know. What I said that to our gosh your hair looks great today. She said great not mine. You don't know us that will it may take you out of find something. Nice about it. That's gonna hit that ugly. Why are we going are? Okay everytime. We do camera work in here. We lower the shades. I wish we had a little heads up on this camera work because I rolled in here. Looking like a bum. You look good read droopy is because I think I'm coming down with something. All right. So what about ten minutes, you're gonna hear something? You've already heard our show before because I'm gonna go. The best..

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