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League so it's a lotta hurry up and wait for deleon white right now so either either he or someone that would be best served on that subject and and they've been silent for. Let me ask you a question did you. You been around for for like the the b sample to come out. Whatever has it ever in your recent memory or past memory took this long for peace apple to come out it generally does not usually want such a request by i think the test he was notified that this has on july seventeenth <hes> instead of requesting the the b sample on the spot how they requested the b sample and the fight with oscar reverse when it happened it would have been postponed because they would have to wait for that results come out so he went straight so we're hearing <hes> he he he pled his case. <hes> they heard what he had to say. Permitted the fight to continue since then you know the question is whether or not he has to be able so even from timing. I mean it's been a month. The the result would have come out right now but also you got to remember too. You can basically issued a gag order that they're not. They're not issuing any comment at all so even if the behalf contested. We're not gonna know about until anybody wants us to know about it. So can you break down through what happened with the w._b._o. Because from your article yeah yeah my interpretation if feels like w._b._o. Is acting out <hes> and taking delights mandatory status due to the fact that he his interim champion with the w._b._z. but we add marie show on the show and dillion isn't suspended but his status as the mandatory tori is suspended and his <hes> what else t- the interim title has also been suspended so if he's not the champion camping due to suspension how could the w._b._o. Deny his appeal of him being a champion that he's technically not right. That's a good question. I mean we could start with you know just with suspensions and the sanctioning bodies. I'm gonna use miller is an example when durrell mill you know tested positive how's it first flew of banned substances before that <hes> <hes> eventually cancelled anthony joshua fight the w._b. W._b._z. a announced that they suspended him for six months no sanctioning body nor any drug testing agency can actually send a fighter so what the w._b._z. Announcement was made to do say that he can't fight in any w._b._z. Sanctioned action events so that's really the same thing with billion and the w._b._z. Billion white can fight tomorrow if he wants. It just won't be sanctioned by the w._b._z. and presumably by the w._b._a._l. Either so that-that's that's all sanctioning body suspension really means so it regards to the mandatory status <hes> doing white was contender. This is why i appreciate. The idea of the the i._b._s. Is the only sanctioning body that will actually leave the number one slot vacant until they are ready to name a specific mandatory challengers so that a lot of confusion is coming in gilead. White is the number one with the w._b._z. the b._b._c. fall that time he was named the number one by the w._b. L. but never specifically named mandatory challenger. That's why he had to appeal following appeal earlier this year he wanted to w._b._z. Make that distinction they wouldn't they instead granted to <hes> alexander u._c._f. Who who on appeal as super champion he was moving up from crews away. He decided he was going to campaign. Heavyweight and as super champion day gets right to say okay. We'll i wanna fight for its high. You know they're going to call the right for title. Amanda serano did it when she was <music> a champion at one forty. She was named super champion. She went over down so one fifteen and four <hes> for that for the w._b._z. Titled down there so the same thing applies to white white house the right to appeal it what you did who filed a motion to dismiss. I'm w._b._z..

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