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That's my biggest thing because we get caught up. listen. I've had so much plastic surgery before i go for my mammogram. I am not complied. Your face right now. Like i'm not going to be prepared. I have had a tummy. Tuck a lifeboat. We just had lightbulb on every extremity. I'm dying right now by the way i'm gonna like i have a new vagina. I i tell the truth gina idol. I love that. I love when people own the procedures they've had done and don't act like base live facelift. Ibm you bought my. But he took some fat out of my back putting my buddy guy may my gut rounds. I'm her in china night hour surgery. Oh my god. I've had four surgery before. I went through my last mammogram guy. Had a little scare. Stay tuned you'll see that and I just really just want really stress to people like you guys have to see. Carry yourself and i see girls as young as your age. One girl at the runway. Her boyfriend found a lump. And she's being treated right now. But i thought i was invaluable because i've been through so much in my life like nothing broke. Franken is calling me again. We tell frank that we're divorced for twenty two years y you also. Can you let him know that online. You know podcast which units. Hello now tell me say bronco on Hang with frank and get a drink. Next time we come to the east coast. Friday and rob with love each other. I now i could picture it already. Lets you guys on housewives. Don't you'll have their son so good. Been out of any shannon. I just i love. Frank is always around. You know because. I mean obviously david works a lot but the fact that frank is there a boys night and going on trips with you. It's kind of like one of the girls and one of the guys. yeah right. yeah he doesn't want to be fully into the drama and he you know. Yeah that's that's jersey. People are like i'm not going to blow up this person spot. I'm gonna keep my mouth shut but bill. It's not being did frank. Wasn't being boil to me by. Not telling frank was being a mad. Yeah now he would be just loyal to me if there was. Somebody said about me. Or if i needed to take care of something or something i should bow. That's where the line is frost as where he's like. I was told not to tell you this. I have to tell you because it involves you writing or somebody that we love different story. Yeah however you come back from guys night going home and tell freight hanya me and my girlfriends talked about. Not one day that girl talk you know what sometimes girls go home and tell their boyfriend or husband. Thanks because they want fucking attention. Sorry can i swear. Oh you can say whatever the fuck you on. I can't stand. Bichat goes home and to get her husband or boyfriend suspension. Gonna tell all your secrets that you just right are be like. Oh so many guys came up to the table. One guy picked up the bell. Are you jealous. Like i be like now. Nobody talks as okay so now being able to the show vaccine the conversation of guys night and just seem joe. Be lie at the dinner table. What are your thoughts on that. Wouldn't you have. Yeah i mean. I was just like yeah. He i have to go by the margaret says. Margaret says only heard it because they were repeating at the house because they will talking about. Listen we were all talking about it right. We're talking about amongst each other. I wasn't talking about the food store with the lady checking out my groceries in the house like we. We were like. Oh shit. oh shit. That's margaret is. What margaret said and. She's my friend. And i believe what she says. I love that yeah. It was a lot of shut up. Shut up way. We can't wait. I was like there's one plane where franken can you just say since. They're like a bouncer. Oh my god. Oh my god you're gonna notice like family. You can't get involved in family fight rain. You cannot because you're on. The outs dislike some relationships. You you know you have to really think twice before you tell your girlfriend something that she may not wanna know. Yeah right. you're going to be on the odds me. I never give up by source if somebody ever want to tell me something even if i didn't wanna know i'm not gonna go run back and say where i heard but i can't promise you anybody else's like right just doesn't work like that do you think. Teresa watt the show back now realizes that she was spreading a rumor. She didn't start the rumor because she kept saying. I heard a rumor spread it but it was like no. You didn't start it but you did spread it. I know teresa for as long as they are. In i know it was in the forefront of our mind when she had him and she told us at the party. Okay so jury says the kinda girl she's gonna tell you what you want and i love that about her. I would be more choosy on. Would i would say into. There's very few women can handle what you tell that. I happen to be one of them. Not that. I'm tooting my own horn. Because i'm so abused by other people are not used to this kind of nice heads. Really have to be careful on what you wanna handle like you wanted being. kill the messenger. Do you wanna be the one. That's going to this. So it was a lot of theresa would do it again or as she sorry she did she sorry i know i just think like if there's something being said it should just be sad and get it out. You know right the funniest thing. I think in the whole episode though that she's was when she presents. The vibrators tells jaggi to shovel pass. I was bad. I rebound. I watch something about that her that a friend told me. Hey breeder shut off the bundy's knocking on the door with the vibrator. Have you tried it. No my friends have. It's like not for the heck is doing this thing. The thing is friday and you have a vagina. You gotta take care of her. I bracket now. Have you tried any word. Any of joe's sex toys that he's selling is that the only is just that vibrator in no. I don't think that teresa's involved in that anymore. I'm not sure yeah i was pretty vibrator though was a big. It was looks like a powerful and workers to hammer. Oh my gosh so we just saw your little doggie hop up is that one of gaby's rescue dogs. No so this dog. I rescue dog from yard patterson and She was a little chihuahua in a cage in the cage was left outside. The slaps outside and i got the dog nineties late but i got the dog. It's not easy to do this kind of work with animals because when you see i can't unsee something. Yeah if i see something. I have to do something about it especially when it comes to an animal so it's really hard to get a lot of things sent me a lot of things thrown at me about three weeks ago. Four for my surgery. Somebody who owns a diner. Their son died in their son. Had two dogs that were going to wind up being punished shelter because they couldn't take care of the dog But these were domestic..

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