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Are trying to talk to his mail I'm trying to let him know that he can end this peacefully now we've called him multiple times is pick up the phone a couple times but he is not answer the shooting began when officers tried to server narcotics ward at the home this afternoon the officers returned fire and scattered to them actually finding shelter in another part of that home they have since been freed el Paso honors a twenty two people killed in the Walmart attack with a special service since a city park this evening Texas governor Greg Abbott tells the people of the city I want you to know that our prayers of the entire state how would you here tonight and they will remain with you every day the sun rises in the east the mayor Isabel Paso and its sister city CO died Juarez in Mexico will also speak tonight seven of those killed in the Walmart were Mexican citizens an eighth was a German Air Force veteran who was living in Mexico with his family the day the bond market flashed a warning sign about possible recession for the first time since two thousand seven Wall Street posted a negative reaction Dow plunging eight hundred point three percent of value nasdaq also draw three percent while the S. N. P.'s loss was just under three percent Bankrate dot com's mark camac says a number of factors are weighing on the markets including president trump's trade policy trade tensions and burgeoning terror ups being front and center there's a weakening global economy and so it only stands to reason that the rest are also rising for the US economy retailers came under especially heavy selling pressure this is a P. radio news thousands of people visit the statue of liberty and Ellis Island each day many of them immigrants dari some yet though who emigrated to the US from Peru so as he sat in the president trump's top immigration official Ken Cuccinelli feels that the poem on the statue which refers to lady liberty as the beacon of light for the world was only intended for European immigrants ongoing the whole.

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