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So the fact that he was able to win a couple of rounds. Here doesn't matter for him. But the blues finally looks like they got their goal tender in Bennington inexperienced. But so what the blues are. So offense talented. That they don't spend a lot of time in the defensive zone. So that really helps Bennington for sure, but what a credit to the Saint Louis blues. They are going to the conference final. And they do it by being the worst team in the National Hockey League on January second if you thought on January second this team would be in the conference final. It would be a little bit surprising. So they sit and they wait for tonight's sharks and avalanche game seven. So we've seen three game sevens. Go to overtime of the five which is the first time ever. We've seen the home team be fairly consistent. Carolina did win on the road in Washington and their game. Seven in the first round of the playoffs with the home team has been able to keep serving we'll see what the San Jose Sharks tonight sharks win. They go to the conference final take on the blues. This'll be a rematch of the twenty sixteen Western Conference final which the sharks won and went to the Stanley Cup. Final for the first time in franchise history avalanche trying to get back there in the first time in forever. They were consistently there in the early in the the early on the late nineties in the early two thousands. And now this is another generation of avalanche. But you know, what they're still led by Joe Sacic who is a major part of those championship teams in ninety six in two thousand one. So we'll see the home team. I think has a distinct advantage, but the avalanche of shown that they can handle this their skill players land has been hot ranson. And of course, you know, about McKinnon comper had a great game six to force the game seven scoring couple goals. Wouldn't be surprised at the sucker went overtime as well. That's gonna be a nine o'clock start. So make sure you taken during some coffee because that might be a late one would not be surprised if you're going to be deep into Thursday by the time his game comes to an end. But just a terrific job. These plows have been just terrific so negative the Saint Louis blues in the conference finals. So the stars wildcard team out already the comas blue jackets wildcard team out of the avalanche could exit as a wildcard team. So with all the upsets, we still may see some real quality teams that were expected to go far the blues, I think going into the plows were expected to. Maybe make a bit of a Ron, and they have all the sharks people have been on their bandwagon since the acquisition of Eric Carlson during the off season. So they have a chance to do that. But you still could get that avalanche hurricanes five which would be a big surprise to. So you sprinkled in some upsets, and I think that's always fun. But you also have some established teams that were also looked upon the favorites. And of course, the Boston Bruins, maybe defame. So you can have a blues sh blues Stanley Cup final appearance with the first time since nineteen seventy-two the sharks could try to win their first down the Cup ever. Bruins going trying to go to the Stanley Cup. Final for the first time since twenty thirteen trying to win it for the first time since twenty seven Carolina trying to win it for the first time since two thousand and six also one note McEvoy McEvoy has been suspended for game one tomorrow against the Carolina Hurricanes. That's when the Eastern Conference final is going to start that will start tomorrow from Boston. So no, Charlie McEvoy in this one..

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