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With Kelly brothers over a calf trust and gets the money and business news. Good morning to you, Kelly. Hey, good morning to you as well. And this update Brought to you is business that they brought to you by Jesuit High school market overall today, mixed Not moving too far started out hot, but it's come back to earth. And, of course, remember, we're in a position now where we're starting off the month of June and May was positive for the Dow and the S and P slightly negative for the NASDAQ, But it was the first negative month for the NASDAQ out of the last The real interesting part will be the movie crew Ella 27 million of the box office and we don't know how many. They went on Disney Plus and paid the 30 bucks for a viewing there. That'll be an interesting number to see and China going up to three kids per family. Rebekah has one child 1980. Raised it to two and 2015. And it's not just China. With this issue. Many countries have birth rates lower than they need to be to pay all the bills in the future, including the U. S, which has seen its birth rate dropped for six years in a row. Remember, it's all the current workers who were paying for the social safety net for older folks, Social Security, Medicare and one day we will be in that position. And the question is, will there be enough workers then? To pay those bills. Let's check the real time numbers The Dow Up 85 points at 34 6 15. NASDAQ Down 60, the S and P is down two points. Gold off by four. At 1900 Bucks an ounce Oils up 3.5%. It won't be long until we see $5 a gallon gas in California. 10 year bond Yield 1.63%. All right, Kelly, thanks so much. Appreciate that. June. 1st is the day this time for what year? What happened with Jensen Raider? What have you found out there? So we're going back to 16 38. And it was the first earthquake recorded in the United States out of premise. Plymouth, Massachusetts just started. I read this morning, there was like a small minor little swarm near Disneyland. And near Tahoe, apparently, all right. Little sworn. Hopefully, nothing bigger to come on in. The next one is in 1961, and it's the first heard FM broadcast. It's just the first transmission of it. The first FM station was an operational until 1944. Okay, f them because we're on AM and FM Did you know from both were on both You like that a lot on your Alexa. Just ask Alexis came morning news. You're smart device. Let's go on and on about all the places were located, All right. And then, um, the next year I have is 1992, and this song was number one. Damn. I love.

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