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Two rounds except for Fowler who. Still on the course, he's two under, through ten turning to baseball, in the Bronx. It's, bottom of the eighth for the Rangers lead the. Yankees twelve to five home, runs in this one for Ronald Guzman numbers ten eleven and twelve bottom six at Camden Yards the Red Sox lead the Orioles eleven to ten bombs seven in Atlanta Braves all over, the brewers ten to one Bottom seven in Chicago Indians, and White Sox are scoreless. They, are top seventy in Houston the Mariners and the Astros. Are tied at two Carlos Correa back, from, the. Deal today for Houston after missing the last thirty six games with a sore back top. Six and Kansas City cardinals have a five nothing lead on, the royals another homerun for Matt carpenter a two run shot in the second his thirty second of the season top four in, Denver dodgers, and Rockies, tied at three earlier the cubs nationals three two two Jason Hayward's two. Run single in the sixth the cubs I had the game tied the game, up to and he says despite sitting atop, the central nothing has come, easy this year every day it's. Like that for us unfortunately obviously no other teams maybe making. Sure or not we're going to get everybody's best and the nature of, the, beast there and we got a welcome. Now we've got an rise to. That challenge every day, elsewhere the red, shut, out the d backs, three nothing Anthony Bonnie allow just. Three hits and struck out. Nine. Over, seven the match, Trump the Marlins six to. Raise blank the Blue Jays seven nothing dagger snapped a six game slide, with a five three win. Over, the twins and off the field the Phillies have acquired. First baseman Justin bore from the Marlins, I'm, John, fans Moose it's summertime. Certainly is listed in the morning six eastern three Pacific on CBS sports radio.

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