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That Yeah, That's right. Otherwise you get stuck. Hi, Vince. Question. Fif 16. Ah, we're gonna do here. If what are the options again? The sun more flipped the son. I'd let her answers on Also Uh, let me get a night literally inches. Liver answers. Question number 16. Which Balu Gemstone is a variety off Karan and, um Mm hmm. Blue, blue, blue blue. Um, was it tapers at night time? Oh, That's so, like quivering, um I am not liberal. What animal don't Thanks right now. On your face still on it, 1 308 100 people, too. He's the number now who's been waiting on his Scott from double You get a scrap. I live. Not bad. Question 16. Which Blue gemstone is a variety of Karan and, um Try to think once China with Of weakening white letter answers is are correct his category. Um Good news for all types. So good purpose, not her pets. Sorry. Not Topaz Won 308 100 people to Caroline Millman. Hi, Karen. Well, I, um I'm a poor Oh, you're a cat supporter. You wouldn't believe it. I was speaking to the whole ball top. Yeah. Before India voice So you fell asleep. How could you carry? It was so exciting softly. Right? Lost, huh? Yes, that it was. It was. It was absolutely thrilling in the end, and then Tom peple. It snapped a golfer. This one's and they're won by two points. There was yes, it was controversial. But anyway Which blue gem Stones, a variety of Corinth. Um Stuff on a thing. Hmm. You know what I think is a safe harbor this process on correct Eight lamer answers Safa. Yes, a fertilizer. A variety of Karenna brother to Jim stands mainly sapphires and Rubies are also from a variety of Corinth. Um Rubies of the red ones and all the others of staffers, including the ones and not blue. Anyway. Question number 17. Staying without differences. Yeah, me engine me engine is the terrible name for which Australian capital Oh, what's that? The engines, the terrible name for which is straining capital. See full for a ship. Saying system correct? Yes, it's Brisbane. Yes, you had to eliminate a few exactly John Ridge along Sid Phillips writing so Hardinge along they've had to turn up my radio sucking hear over the noise. Yes. Well, I am just so proud of every job. Yes, it is, uh, puts an original man. Question number 18. When I let her answer is Yeah. Which eight letter word Come in a young knight, a graduate or an unmarried man. Um The outlook for along not great. Don't hurt em. I don't think uh oh, I'm gonna have to pass all just be thinking thinking. Thanks, Karen Sailor boy. Brought from the captain Brown. Hello? Hello? Hello. Where are you? I'm know I'm here. You're there disappeared again. You're there. I'm here. Uh, other people only remember that The last couple of minutes of 40 guns. I forget about everything that happened before and Yes, well, A few things happen. It'll take on the I broke Yeah. Have Cameron that is true. Yeah, Way had a good women's In every way Pride. The mighty sense of the Marty sense did yes, the bachelor They're looking for bachelor were bachelor, which I let a word coming. The young knight I graduate on unmarried man, they let a word is bachelor. All right, Christian 18 staying in this category. Yes. Ever time. Nirvana. And Buddha. All come to English via which ancient language Ah! Well, I haven't got time to can't Sanskrit correct. Yes, Sanskrit. Correct. Nicely done, two on the trucks. Last one in night letter answers. Mm, according to legend. Which dessert was invented in 17 20 by a Swiss chef called Gasperini. According to Legend, which which dessert Was invented in 17 20 by a Swiss chef called Gasperini. Um Nope. No bigger. Cooking and So a foursome. Definitely not Pavlova, small local, isn't it? Mm. Yeah. Otherwise. So So you do I have things or something. Probably to something to touch something that I can't get any says is a nice home. Thanks, Bryant. Thank you. Thank you. But by 1 308 100 people too. Is the number Um Jeff in Brisbane Guy, Jeff. Hello. Hello, according to legend, which dessert was invented in 17 20 by a Swiss chef called Gasperini. Mm hmm. Taken at the institute, but I've got a comment to make about Joe Long. Give us the answer first. Loving me into his ice cream, Not our scream, Jeff! No. That's right. Let us not our scream, but that's not what we're after. 1 308 100 people too. It's a number Terry from northern NW, right. Goodbye, Terry. All great, Phil. Welcome to Northern home of the White Swan. Yeah, exactly. According to legend, which dessert was invented in 17 20 bucks with chef called Gasperini. Look, Martin only having guests filled and say ghetto. Catto, Mama. Okay, bye bye. Not get to Simon and Dylan. Can I summon Hello. Hello, according to legend, Salmon, which dessert was invented in 17 20 bucks with chef called Gasperini. Uh, you know, I think I would let his will be Merak correct. Yes, ma'am Marine Marine is I'd letters and it was invented by a Swiss chef called Gasperini in 17 20, apparently Okay, we'll go. Animal songs, the sun lift. We're after question. 20 animal songs and more songs. It is question number 20. Pounds Hounds off Love was a 1996 hit for which English musician Yeah. Hounds of love pounds of love. Uh huh. Shaking Stephens..

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