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With era. where, where'd you go after the movie? Back to herbs place you have rolling. Yes, when on weekends I usually like to sleep over at herbs. And what time to get back? About ten thirty. And then which do. We Watch TV. and. What did you do if you watch TV? We made love. Okay. We went to sleep, and neither you left the poverty between thirty and three. Now. I tell you. I, we watch TV, and then we made love. Have missed. The crutch never left the apartment now. If! You were asleep I. Would you know okay at the bottom? Well, we didn't actually go to sleep. 'til, maybe about two thirty these news take time now. Crutch Nether Leftie. Now. Leave the bedroom. Now Oh. Once. To get fresh orange juice. Very suggestive. She keeps talking about making love. It's a little explicit little crest. And goes you guys. Listening on Hong can't see the clip, but she is beautiful. I don't know if that helps. She is Gorgeous Joe. I'm sure you had. Did you hear language like this at work? Y-, but not from the suspects Did that suspect talk way too much. Well! You know what was interesting. Is the methodology you know you have to account for all the behavior and all the time, so Colombo was in impeccable. Colombo's vary thorough. What did the time that timeframe down? But did you notice the the guy never said a word she did. With her boyfriend, he's not saying a word, but that's women for you. Talk Talk Talk Choctaw. Zip it up but not now. No, not not then it's back, then, yeah! Now women can. Talk all you want. Yeah, Hey, thanks! I've heard that there's a technique that a lot of cops us. Where just repeat a lot of questions to try to catch? If you are story, you see how consistent your story! Would you use that Joe? I would use a form of that. I would I. You know I. Just dig down deeper I just say. Could I have more details, so they said? Yeah if they say I entered the House I. WanNa know well. was which store was it and rain was the light on or not? Right yeah. Well let's take a walk in see, but I like that clip. Oh well we have. We've got a couple more. This next one is from the show. CHICAGO PD all right yeah. And I know most guys in the forest must love coming home relaxing after work in watching Chicago PD. It must be so relaxing to go watch a show where you're fighting the bad guys in your. You're having the same love triangles. Yeah, that's true you guys are. Is there a favorite show in the fields besides Chicago? Well I mean now the big one. Is mind hunter? Oh Yes, I've read the book and watch the show very big fan. Very popular I get more questions about that. Like how close to the real thing, isn't it? Yeah, but but the second most questions you get is from Chicago PD though right? Ron. No that's good for me, too. It's good for me, too, because I've been telling people that. Most FBI former FBI guys love talk about and get. Questions, about Chicago, PD. There's also Chicago fire. There's Chicago Chicago Med. CHICAGO DAYCARE THERE CHICAGO TRAVEL AGENCY THERE CHICAGO. Airport, which is just call O'hare Chicago Chicago airport yeah, but the list goes on and on it's it's eighty percents NBC's lineup and they're doing a great job. They're not GonNa Park. Okay, let's play this former Chicago PD. A lawyer..

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