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One at Petco park in San Diego. Now, let's get some thoughts from the guys that called it tonight Marty Brennaman and the cowboy Jeff Brantley guys, well, it was another night of very little hits as far as concern. But the big point was three of them were home runs and the reds got great pitching from Tanta Rourke Jeff in the and the ridge bullpen for a win that breaks losing streak with the reds were turned to. Three double plays tonight. One of them was very unlikely double play on the fly ball to right field. And getting the the double off of hosmer at first base. But you you just look at the way that the reds have pitched and you're starting to to see a little bit of relaxation. It's kinda come in in waves for the hitters I'm talking about. But if this club can play without some putting so much pressure on them and and get anywhere close to the offense of power that they had last year with the way, they're pitching, this could be awfully fun. Yeah. And you know, I think we both felt that once ten Aurora was able to get past the second inning and two from his perspective at least control the game. At that point. Because this has been a major problem as we talked about at the top of the broadcast tonight, and you had to feel once that happened that he was going to be in pretty good shape. Yeah. I thought he controlled the game, really. Well. I know this is the San Diego Padres. But it's not the same dago Padres that you're used to sing this really good offense club. They can swing the bats. And they can play long ball with the best of them and the rents were really able to keep them in check. The only run the scored was that leadoff walk to arenas back in the the sixth inning. And if you don't do that, you probably gonna shut out and you gotta give the credit to the bullpen. Zach do got a big strikeout. Robert Stevenson pitch welling how down a Garrett one two three and the and then I shall a glacier struck out this. I thought there was a little bit different look in the eyes of rice L A glaciers tonight. I thought that was the rice L A glacier. The that. We're used to sing he was on the attack from pitch number one. And the evidence shows he struck out the side. Well tomorrow night there in trying to get back to back wins. Anthony diesel Fani who has struggled lately, we'll get a chance to get back on the right track. Track is he goes against a left-hander the first of three in a row that the Padres will pitch the remainder of this series in match draw but a winning night for the red legs. They win the opener four to one Tommy back to you. Thanks buddy this game red spare this reds game recap is brought to you by first financial Bank. We go beyond banking by putting you first I financial Bank member FDIC.

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