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No I am minimum mollified because of you patient zero was over here quite often feel sick and he's that good we didn't have to come in we could call and then it would be the very sad version Ahmad I she did when no one would come to work with our Walter why is there no one else in separately yeah so yeah yeah you had a choice there Travis here's what's making me sick currently trump more than unusual amount of new impeachable offenses that have happened since Friday so he was making plans to kill somebody seven months ago so that we the imminent threat yes and on the floor and to see the threat that I don't we didn't because of defense secretary saw no evidence of that so okay I believe I'll look of Mormon more evidence of the woman pay off thing yeah I know that this is to me the most clearly impeachable think it's one guy sorry for done the same thing that the guy okay did I miss anything is this can we just do a rolling impeachment could we just please use on TV yesterday so the fantastic yeah so she only two tweets in live time I just I can't we're gonna look back on this era so this is a journalist have to do Donald Trump to its crazy Nancy maybe a bit and then she has to write speaker of the most powerful woman in the United States government has to respond right okay okay so yea it's a week we're here we mean a treasonous douche bag however can great we do you know what we try to be.

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