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Royal Scottish Academy, Pepco, Cal Arts discussed on Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard


When you got out of wall so Royal Scottish Academy was the last bit of schooling. You said last semester first semester of my senior year of college and then I came back just to do are like we did an La and New York showcases and you know to try to get agents and did our league final plays and then at that point where you thinking I want to go to Broadway or were you thinking i WanNa act on. Tv and movies the latter. This is the thing that's been always very humorous to me because during my time at Cal Arts and the school is very theater forward and they definitely frown upon or at least at that time they did having agents at all while you're in schooling. I graduated high school and got a commercial agent right away my sag car and then secretly during my first year at Keller to try to like be out doing auditions and very quickly realized that it just was impossible anyway but this would be classes from nine to five and then you had to work crew on a play from seven to eleven at night like there was really no time to be driving the forty five minutes to hour and a half depending on traffic to Hollywood to audition for bill. I mean truly. I feel like the final Straw was me driving. In for a Spanish language. Pepco.

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