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Here's some comments that you made based on common you and I made last night. I really really just casually slipped. His in that. I wou for all big five teams. The reason why I brought it up is because I'm openly rooting for any big five team to beat Villanova in his city series game because the city series just doesn't matter anymore anyway for so many of you listening it doesn't matter to begin with. But if you're like me, and you grew up where to city series. Didn't mean a lot those big five battles. He's been rendered rather pointless. When one team hasn't lost a game in six stinking years six years. But now the big common I made is that I need Nova to lose a game. So hopefully, the city series games will start meeting something again. But that's not the comment that I got a lotta Email over the comment. I made about I root for all big five teams any big team gets into tournament. At the end of the year. I'm rooting for all five of them. Now, if they face off against each other, then I kind of make up my mind who I'm rooting for then, but I'll root for a big fight team. It was that casual lead in comment to the important comment at stoke the fires as always is just amazing. How many people out there? Do not like Villanova. Under any circumstances. I used to think it was a Saint Joe Villanova thing. But it's not and. I gotta tell you. I. I don't get it anymore. To me, Jay writes. Best coach in the country. He's a quality guys had nice guy. Right. I mean, everything about J righty. I know him personally a little bit. I told you this before I know his parents very well. He's a nice guy. And he's I'm had him on as a guest many times. He's funny on top of it when need be. Did team said he used one with two national championships? He is one. Was like really bad ache. On any of those teams. No, there's not I don't. It's unbelievable. Trade for that school runs deep. Now. Obviously you're Villanova fan. It doesn't apply to you whatsoever. But let's how can I put this? Their Saint Joe hawks the temple out. I'll take those two teams Mike, do you agree or disagree? With the statement. I'm about to make. The Saint Joe hawks in temple AL's don't have nearly the amount of. Haters Villanova has it's up the charge. It's like Saint Joe's has are out saying Joe fans, don't like no one over. But that's not my one. I'm asking you. Do you feel like there's just a lot of people in this town where you you even bring up the Saint Joe hoax makes your blood boil even bring up the temple is it makes the blood boil, but you bring up going over people that just can't stand him. I think if you throw out that question for the next your next four shows prompted anyone who's a Saint Joe hawker temple L hater to call in. You'd get zero calls. Yeah. It but not a whole now. I get it. No. I don't get to make an untrue statement there the richest other five, but then Alex are pretty close now. But that would be paying. Okay. That would be Penn. I I'm pretty sure I think the hawks in the same zip code. They are Saint Joseph gotten really really expensive wall. Colleges aren't my opinion. But compared to temple which Sal. I'm just saying I. It runs deep. It really does run show deep, and if you don't dislike Boehner, and I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about this. I'm just recapping last night's show. Even if you don't hate Villanova. They virtually did nothing. Fan base do championships. You wouldn't think to championships would have resulted and a lot of more Villanova fans in his area. And I don't say it's very bizarre. I can't quite put my finger on it. I just can't not even just fans. I don't even feel like more people are watching their games because your best and you can watch a game without. Being you know being attached to Villanova. You can just watch to see what wins, and I don't even think like if Villanova plays a close game. I don't think anyone's talking about it. I had a guide creek word this week. It somehow came up. I'm not even sure why. And he said, well, you know, it all goes back to rally breaking up the big five at where it all started. And I'm a I grew up with distinct and big five and telling you. That was a very difficult danced at Villanova had to. Step two because when they joined the big east when biggie started, and there's a great documented in the big east. Nobody knew that it was going to become net. You you would have had to been in idiot an idiot to go. Well, you know what I'm sorry. I got loyal to LaSalle. Yeah. You would have had to be when you know that whole big east thing exploded, and you're selling twenty thousand seats, you know, not just a Madison Square Garden but down at the arena here in town and their spectrum got I used to love going bone over Georgetown games and whatnot down there. Anyway, it's it's not just like if rally didn't do it. Then Jerry would have done it. So there's nothing to do with who did it at the time. I can't even quite put a finger on I guess, his kissed main lying like, I know Saint Joe's is kinda Saint Joe's is just as preppy. I think but they're not because they're where they're situated. There's a seven eleven practically two blocks away. I don't think people think seven elevens when they take the Villanova area. I don't even know if there is one individual nowehre sanctions if. Like the way. Soda taxes? Now, you can be on one side of campus need to pay like two fifty percent across the street. It's you save like a dollar. That's what it is. I got. A couple emails from people. Town me to shut the bleep up to quote, Jan Goran. About these ten doctors that Mark full supposedly. I don't believe it supposedly visited to finally end up with that diagnosis that he didn't. And a couple of people Email me and go big daddy. You of all people who have had so many various ailments, three back surgeries. No, the other big thing. I add, blah, blah, blah. But I never I first of all with the big sea thing that I had I never even shopped around. I I went to campus in doctor because I fan, and I had it. Why was getting back surgery at Jefferson? I I never have gone to not can even for this equilibrium problem. Then I've been experiencing this year. I have gone and maybe four different doctors to try to find out. What's going on with that? But now can okay not for the same ailment. It's. I know anybody's ever going to ten different doctors for anything anything at all. That's why it's so incredulous to me, and I'm older, and I have friends I have friends who've passed on I friends who've had all kinds of major illnesses. Not Tang titans. Are you number for the same specific thing? Now the words he's trying to find out. What's wrong with his shoulder? And he went to ten chess on this recent thing, right? And that's I count on the trip to Kentucky last year. Correct. You're right. Jason this recent run. That's why it's completely unbelievable. So completely or these people reaching out to you like acting like this is legitimate injuries at the. I think it's just people that there's always going to be fair amount of people that we'll get a hold of you because they want to hear a host be wrong about I can't put my finger on it. But whatever. Story that a Vince told that the new kind of phone might be out. It's going to be able to fold up into a much smaller phone, but who would unfold and you'd have like a a big big screen. I'm really bad. Which would phones. And technology. I.

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