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Story. I am a selfish entrepreneur. Everything's about me my life. I want i want i you want and i want it now like the blueberry girl willie wonka and the chocolate factory. I need some transformational leadership skills and look it. I do a lot of this because i you know i have overcome a lot of these things by being the guy that does these interviews and i i actually enjoy self deprecating discussion because because i remember what i say on the radio like i wanna be a better friend a better employer better client to you know l. People that i work with and i wanna be a better person so if you were my personal one on one business coach how would you deal with me the selfish entrepreneur call myself. I self that well. I i would we get your identity. What are you doing as far as business goes and is your identity. Your purpose attached to that. Let's assume that it is okay and the the thing that we have to start with obviously honesty and honesty begins internally and then it moves its way outward into the external world right so honesty is vital to growth without honesty. You'll never grow when we're dishonest with ourselves sells. We've literally put blinders on and only see what we wanna. See so odyssey's express not only in what you say but with your actions as well and this is where you're talking about when it's all about maybe be that's actions. People see that they might not hear you say it but they see that if that's what you're doing now so the need for precise language in order to communicate that is key and if you're honest and actually motivates us to become the best version of ourselves and i don't mean to be honest to other people i mean being honest to you first because then it comes from the inside out not pretending attending be for real by being honest with ourselves we bring light to the bad and only then can we change it to become the best version like i said ourselves and you know there's there's a lot of reasons why you oh we're not honest and wants to avoid suffering shame change embarrassment or conflict you do it to get things you want right and we also want others a thank goodness and we want people to look. I think everyone needs significance. One of the six essential human needs right and <hes> and we also do it and here's a big one to protect others feelings right but if you're honest you can really get to the core of the issues and solve them permanently you not solving the symptoms rather the root cause only then. Are you able to live authentically lately and get what you want in life. Excuse the authentic overused word but there's no other word out there right. Now i believe me i get you guys all know my audience knows i'm authentically a ah schmuck about half of the time and i i say what comes to my mind and i don't mind admitting that i have flaws because we all do and i wanted people people to hear a little bit of masterminding you might say are one on one coaching because people hear about all this stuff and they're like what happens and i'm afraid i don't want to do. I don't need that all the different things you know but we all need it. We had coaches kids to play baseball water polo. What a football whatever you played but here we are in business the most important things in our lives our our livelihood and we don't have coach we just go out in their kind of blindly and and we learn things through pulling out of the fire jeez burn he was right right right right and they always say mistakes. It's the only way you can go. Of course you remember stakes but i'm not let me tell you this. If you want collapse time then find somebody who's been where you've been it done what you've done it and ask them for help yeah. That's basically what it what it pisses coach. Does i mean if i look back at my career. I've done a lot of stupid things by. I've done a lot of amazing things too and if someone comes to me for assistance for help i guarantee my results coaching..

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