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Agreed but onto the second challenge that challenge was no phones while in motion for me this means no podcast or music while i walk my dog walk around the city takes subways just like run around the city and here is what i noticed i am waiting for the subway right now and i am the only person on the platform on it looking at therefore on its lear and and everything so loud on how i forgot how lound this city is i listen to music everywhere go i feel like i'm in the twilight zone every one is looking down this is insane klutse so we are remember ten years ago where you would see other people on the platform and they'd be reading a book and you'd go up to them and be like i read that book what do you think about that book do you remember those days yeah barely yeah but yeah it's different now mmhmm yeah i hated this challenge i thought it was boring which i know is the point but i didn't have like any amazing ideas i just sat on the subway in walked around the city remembering why i listen to music and podcasts so much because the city is like a loud assaulting asshole sometimes and i don't want to hear it sometimes plugging in can keep us from going ballistic guess needing to kill everybody else guess but the next day was the photo free day um and i was shocking leaves the really it was your total instagram per i know i love is rammed by also instagram secret i instagram pictures i've taken like a long time ago use from like not like it's not like oh this just happen i'm gonna instagram a right now it'll be like oh that was a good picture from a like a week or two ago all instagram that now hold on all those pictures of frank dunn old i just have him stockpiled on my phone like a month.

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