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Extended that that people are going to to convince these rules even if it's dan. Denial is just mind blowing because of also read reports where people have like mobile hairdressing stations. Where they go to clients and oh right. Yeah what are you thinking it. You know it's like all you have to do is this. How have one client who has in infected with with songs coffee too and your pass that on to someone right you get infected as a hairdressing or a bobble and you go to the next house so you in fact the one family infects you and you infect the next one next one after that. It's like don't do it. Yeah i dunno i. I'll so from what you've people you've talked to a ready for. Covert in the research. Been doing What are the what are they saying. Predicting what's the prediction for. I guess two questions. Everyone wants to know is when we hit the apex and then of course. When will this be over. So i guess. I've been more closely following the assad and at least from what they're saying is going to get much much worse right it's gonna go up into like probably up to like one hundred to two hundred thousand people infected and it's gonna come come up type. I think the states is supposed to be a couple million. Several million infected and almost two hundred thousand dead is what the white house saying. Yeah that yeah. I think those are the numbers i heard. I hear. some individuals cities are doing battle. All i believe they may have reported that. Ellie mia started flattening. Couve but again. I don't think that's totally meaningless. Because if everything's like shit around you you know that that may change in a heartbeat you know against we can start using now but you know it's is going to change right. It's gotta change every this is going to affect everything this is going to be like. This is going to be something. We all remember something. That's going to affect culture society economies countries in a way that we haven't seen since nine eleven probably since world war two like these. It's going to have global dramatic impacts on our day to day lives and that's not going to go away quickly. No it's not an an you're right. it's something that's going to change us forever. In ways we can predict an ways we count. you.

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