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Back in two thousand eleven think about what content made for the Internet was. This is Sidney. Holland she runs original programming at net flicks. WHO's user generated almost entirely? Maybe some funnier die skits, and so we were very conscious of. The fact that whatever we put out I needed to say something tonight I give you the truth. And the truth is this. The American dream has failed you and even up until February first two thousand thirteen. We launched season one of House of cards. People were asking why David Fincher, making episodes I. Don't understand. What's he doing you know and that's why it was important to have a title that was sort of prestige HBO level Netflix's other original shows were all over the place, but they were all an attempt at making prestige TV, there was hemlock Grove, a sexy horror series back when sexy horror stories were a big deal. You're gonNA find me a vampire de sexless three way with. Rose. In, there was a resurrection of arrested development, a Fox comedy that developed a cult following after he got cancelled. We. Don't have the money popped. Lose money in the Banana Stan. Both of those may have seen like likely hits to though you don't hear much about them today. What we do still hear about from that I push into originals was one that surprise everyone both in and outside of net flicks. Get you blondie. What'd you do? NOT SUPPOSED TO ASK THAT QUESTION I read that you're supposed to ask that. Studied for prison orange is the new black is a funny moving in sometimes shocking show about relationships inside a women's prison I loved it. It felt pivotal and disruptive. All of a sudden you're seeing these lavish and thorough storylines for women, particularly for women of Color. It started as the story of a white lady who went to prison and upper class, white lady played by Taylor Schilling again. This is boxers, Emily Vander worth and then she met. A bunch of interesting. People there. And the show gradually sort of became about the other people more than it became about the original main character. Listen Duck need my dosage I'm supposed to be had one of the first, really significant and well portrayed Trans Characters TV, history and laverne Cox Character Sophia. Everyone will be reading. And everyone will be talking about it including ladies that if you. It really was a way that netflix distinguished itself because these are the sorts of people. That TV wasn't telling stories about, and that's why I became a phenomenon. You hadn't heard these stories on TV before TV had been getting incrementally more diverse here and there for a long time. Traditional networks had shows starring black and Brown and Queer characters, but there are still huge need for more content that featured nuanced characters from these groups. Perhaps Netflix's had data that showed that there was demand for diverse content, but Netflix's didn't know that are inches. New Black would be.

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