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I mean he has wanted to go to brooklyn throughout this process. I have to believe that he's going into this with his eyes wide. Open a all that being said it's one basketball and you've got durant who is playing out of his mind right now. Kyri we can get back into him. We did this on the previous podcast earlier this week. You can check that out if you want a deeper dive into that. But if kyrie comes back he's volume score not a pure pass first point guard and you have james harden who having the ball in hands for like eighteen seconds on the shot clock on every single possession during his time in houston. So how do you think this mix comes together. What do you think of this deal on the court for the nets. Look at it two ways. There's the scenario where kyri is still there. And there's the scenario where kyri is. I don't know where we know so little about this carry situation. You know why. He's begun as long as he has. What the all of it we don't know when he's coming back we don't know what his mindset is is. He still completely bought in. So let's put that to the side for minute. let let is for. Let's for the sake of this discussion. Just say kyrie irving is back soon. Totally engaged in his all in and that he and katie are still tied at the hip throwing hard into that mix. I think even the best case scenario is difficult for all the reasons you've outlined. He's one of the highest uses players. We've ever seen katie and career both high usage although not hard and levels of usage as i outlined in the story week ago i don't what james harden will do and none of us really know except for james harden what he'll do when paired with other guys who need the ball a lot and how much he's willing to sacrifice he did not sacrifice for russell westbrook for all the discussion of we're friends. We're gonna make it work and everything else russell. westbrook sacrificed in that scenario. Westbrook sacrificed another guy who a lot of us me wondered. Would russell westbrook ever adapt game. Well he did for harden hard and did not harden's usage rate. I think only went up. He did not make with chris. Paul against somebody who was friends with they went two years and then then couldn't wait to get away from each other and he was the one who wanted that. Deal done. Paul for westbrook. So he's thirty one and is this time where he's going to be willing to adapt where we he's gonna be going to evolve where he's going to give up a little too and kyrie and how much are they willing to give up now..

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