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All just going up to New Jersey com. Home take on the Redskins and Mark Sanchez or could be just Johnson by that point time. You never know. And then finish up at home against the colts, which could be a winner. Go home game kind of a playoff game in week. Seventeen titans. Looking good ravens are game in front of them there in Kansas City dolphins or game half game behind them. Their home for New England culture half game behind them there in red hot Houston, Broncos or half game behind them. And they're in San Francisco. Broncos have a whole bunch of should win games in front of them. All of a sudden how about an amazing in the NFL you go from three and six two should win games. Three weeks later. Our poll question is who's going to win the Heisman Trophy one hour any we we have a split vote. Three ways. Crass pretty close Cuyler Murray. Now is jumped ahead forty nine percent to forty five percent. In Haskins has six percent. No of doing ask. That's it. But hey, we have some nice parting gift for you. Which is a trip to New York for you and your family and then a trip out here to LA for the road for the Rose Bowl. And then a trip to Indianapolis for the comma then a trip to New York to be the giants quarterback. I'll come on now. I don't know. I don't think so he might be a first rounder. I think he will be a first rounder, but a top ten pick. Maybe look I shouldn't say these things it's so silly to try and and project it yet. So my gosh again last year this point in time Baker Mayfield, he's heading to New York for the Heisman Trophy ceremony. Hey, he's going to be the number one overall pick and be worthy of it by week, fourteen of the NFL, you're crazy. Yeah. It's crazy. And then Jason Starks. Gonna join us. We're gonna talk some baseball people. It's the hot stove. It's the hot stove Bryce Harper's on the market. Manny Machado is on the market. I still don't understand why the Yankees who are tied to Stanton's contract. And are going to end up having to pay all these young studs at some point. It's not my money. It's not I'm in the steinbrenners. Are you know? Doing more than just spotting dimes with Costanza. But I just don't understand why you would commit. That amount of money when d- de Gregori is down for the downfall count. I get it. But he's not done forever. You just had an do harm terrific season. He was an extra bass hitting machine you've got glacier towards you. Got all these young kids. What are you doing just grow with them? Get the pitching get the pitching. I would rather have them told if all day, we'll pay you five million dollars more than Red Sox. Come back where the pinstripes that have been a great signing a kind of expected that to happen. For your seventy million. Yankee should have just said, okay. How about four years eighty so come on? Let's go put a volley right there behind Paxton in front of Tanaka behind Severino man to work for you guys to work. That's what you should be doing. And then there's the Jason stark wrote this about shifts on his athletic calm. I wanna read to this stuff because you know, I hate the shift. I I cannot stand the shift. It's brutal. And I understand why it works. I understand why it's employees. You know, why it's because it works. It's kind of the opposite of that that that line from liter own. If baseball was easy. Everyone would do it the heart is what makes it great. You know what I mean? So it works. That's why they employed, and it's it's legal. It's within the rules. But you know, what used to be legal and within the rules is hitting somebody right off the line of scrimmage. They changed it because it wasn't working anymore. Because the physical aspects of the game made it such that offenses. We're going to be strangling. And it's not just again, I understand. It's it's it's legal. I get it. I understand, but it's now being employed to an absurd level. I'm gonna read you these numbers from Jason star, Colin did you read this. I can only imagine according to he's a an organization called sports info solutions. Do you.

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