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Slash baseball numbers sara legs is a researcher for espn ecu work on sunday night baseball on baseball tonight and all the columns that i write and sarah look a lot of conversation every week the allstar voting and a lot of fans i know from responses that i get on twitter or unhappy with some of the national league voting i feel like the fans deserve some credit for some of the american league choices they come up with i don't think there anything there's anything agreed use i think francisco lindores should be the american league shortstop but i don't have a problem with manny machado being that guy or carlos correa wins it i get it and i think they deserve a lot of credit for the voting at catcher in the american league because wilson ramos of the race again the tip obey raise he's winning over more popular guys better known catchers like brian mcandrew the astros gary sanchez of the yankees and salvador perez of the kansas city royals what do you think definite landing i'll get a little bit into the national league in a minute here but i agree the american league you've got a lot teams represented you don't feel like any player isn't getting votes just because he's not on a popular team i mean even jose abreu you of course you should be leading yuli gurriel but the fact that he's leading by so much when he's playing for the white sox who we never talk about is really really important and i agree with wilson ramos i mean he's the best catcher in the american league no question gary sanchez i mean catching even should not even be on there he's hurt now there are so many reasons he shouldn't be waiting it good that after that first up date where sanchez of leading we've seen brahmos leading the way right let's play the numbers game number three number three is five jt removed oh was finally in the top five of that nfl star voting it catcher in the last update yesterday but he's behind buster posey wilson controllers kurt suzuki and yada air molina with apologies to my mother who is a giant fan real motive was having the best season of any nationally catcher and he's definitely the most is irving starter he begins season on the dl and still has three point four wins above replacement that's tied for the second most among all position players any position with nolan are in nado the only l position player with more war is lorenzo cain who by the way is twelfth in the outfield voting in the nfl as that left update number two number two is two point seven one sean nukem has a two point seven one era this season in just twenty five years old there've been just three brief pitchers since earned runs came a fish oil that young to finish the season qualified within era that low geijer juergens in two thousand nine kevin millwood in nineteen eighty nine and tom glavin nights maybe one number one number one is twenty and one ninety six that's old ronald kunia junior was yesterday twenty years one hundred ninety six days old allies tells us that he became the youngest player to hit an extra inning home run at yankee stadium yankees or opponents previously the youngest was kent herbeck at twenty one years ninety five days well in nineteen eighty one and he's the third youngest brave player with an extra inning home run and i bet you could guess who the two guys younger than him were enter jones who hit went off trevor hoffman at twenty years three day old and hank aaron who hit one of johnny hegi at twenty years one hundred seventy four days old or i don't gonna put you on the spot if you had to choose one of the two you're only allowed to choose one of the two or you taking one soda runner luke junior i think i wanna go sodo you know when you think good but so does play discipline seems a little bit better and he's been so explosive okay oh that surprised me i thought you take junior but.

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