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Morocco was a huge name back in the wwf big money and thence always vince had a habit of remembering guys back when right that's what he wanted to see and sometimes he would have to take his glasses off to realize what was in front of him at the time he loves superstar billy graham was a big fan of superstar so he saw superstar in his heyday superstar billy graham wanted to recreate that so bad saw don morocco is the magnificent morocco and then he wanted to make morocco was the original rock it just sometimes man this match was slow so superstar billy graham came back to the company like mid eighty seven and he was having some health problems so in storyline as retired by the one man gang splashed on the floor and morocco who had previously been a he'll came out to his aid and grand became his manager which affectively turned morocco baby face jeep preferred morocco as a healer baby i preferred morocco is a he'll preferred rocco is the beach mass kicking he'll i don't think that don was he don was a natural he'll as the best i can say sorta like trying to like maybe sorta like totally blanchard to me he just comes off as a heal yes and don was great he was a great he'll and trying to be a baby face and a brother and the beach bomb baby face to meet just never really clicked a worked.

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