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Of the sales tax holiday. Well, you can follow file this under the department of Boy that was fast. We have Brian Antonelli. Here is the Boston Celtics. Apparently, you're ready to have a new leader on the bench. Brian. That is right, Ben. Exactly. Three weeks after the retirement of Danny Ainge in the promotion of Brad Stevens to the president of basketball operations, the Celtics have reportedly found their new head coach. According to ESPN's Adrian Ward, general ski, The team is finalizing an agreement to hire Emma LoDuca as the new franchises. Head coach. Judoka spent seven years in the NBA as a player before becoming an assistant coach in the league. Last year he was with the Nets. All right. Well, something follow just less than a month or Celtics are ready to move on to next season. Why not? City of Somerville is commissioning a study to examine the idea of safe injection sites. We get details on that from W. B. C S Karen Regal if Somerville proceeds Despite this not being quite legal in the state, it would be the first safe injection site in the country. Somerville City Councillor Jesse Clinton is for the concept. You can do it safely without infection. I mean, there are also places are designed to Cut down on hepatitis C infection cut down on HIV spread of the spread of HIV. I asked about critics who say such places encourage drug use a lot of parents who say those things consume lots of alcohol in front of their Show that alcohol is the most destructive and dangerous substance to humans are more so than even opiates and You know, just in terms of the the the the chemistry of it. So what I would say is, you know, um Are you encouraging your Children? To use alcohol when you use Cameron Regal WBZ Boston's news radio President, Joe Biden, laying out his administration's plan for combating an increase in violent crime in the country. The administration says it will crack down on firearms dealer stripping them of their federal licenses for single violations of the law. Aides say In his remarks, the president will note how cities can use Covid rescue funds for policing. His press secretary went out of her way yesterday to note Mr Biden has never supported the calls within his party to defund. The police. Not at CBS is Stephen Portnoy's States editor Sonia Chang Diaz, announcing she is in the race for governor in Massachusetts. She made the announcement. In a video calling for change on Beacon Hill. Too many leaders are more interested in keeping power believe doing something with it. I'm running for governor to change that. The Jamaica Plain Democrat is the first Latina elected to the state Senate's currently the only woman of college serving in the body. Though Governor Charlie Baker is yet to say whether he will seek a third term as governor, the Democratic race is getting a bit crowded. Harvard professor Daniel Allen and former state Senator Ben Downing are already in several others are considering a run. The U. S Supreme Court makes a ruling about free speech details on that straight ahead. 33 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the three is trouble spots aware, Mike Everywhere I've been, It's gonna be one of those days here. Let's start with the outer edge of 1 28 north. It is now just crawling from Route nine in Wellesley. Up into Wall fam. Almost seven miles. Four Car center lane pile up shortly after a Uh, yeah, Winter Street. So that's the problem. Yeah, it's got outbound jam shortly after four and 2 25 down to that scene about five miles there is folks are trying to get a look 93 to work on crawling off his. They can bridge up through Medford. Commerce. Way up through Wilmington Delays 4 95 North passed through three and the local connector route one North Awful Sergeant Street all the way up to PVT. Eight miles with ongoing roadwork. Up after 1 28. The left lane is blocked there. The expressway crawling from the tunnel most of the way to route 24 that didn't take long. Northbound lanes. Braintree, a passing upon its circle. Then up towards the tunnel with a tractor trailer crashed just before the entrance. Stay left to get by. Three. South delays down past Union Street, 18 to Derby Street. North Bounds locked up almost from Union Street back up to the split on the caper at six East is locked up through Horowitz with All traffic being forced off at route 1 37 as a crash cleanup continues on Route six. Miking WBC's traffic on.

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