Obama Administration, Russia, Michelle Wolf discussed on C-SPAN


In among many in the obama administration suddenly facing accusations and at least some of them we know turned out not to be true look i'm always troubled when accusations are anonymous i don't think you can rely on that kind of an anonymous claim but i do think and i'm not in the weeds the way senator tester is over the line when this me what i was gonna say is i imagine the folks have been talking to senator tester who were going to become public and non anonymous administration realized that and that's why they withdrew the nomination so i think that's what what prompted that loop but yes if it were on nothing more than the anonymous claims that's a slender read but i think because at least realities claims was the secret service said was simply not true one of the more explosive charges the secret service came out and said the i'm not in a position to know what the actual facts are so i would defer to my senate colleagues crazy that the trump campaign was in contact with russia when the hillary campaign wasn't even in contact with michigan that was comedian michelle wolf at last night's white house correspondents dinner one of the few jokes that we can play here this morning we'll have more on the debate over her remarks but first let's bring in our powerhouse roundtable former new jersey governor and abc news contributor chris christie democratic strategist donna brazile pollster abc news contributor frank luntz and shannon petty piece the white house correspondent for bloomberg news so i want to start with the bay well we'll we'll get to the correspondence dinner but governor we are headed there's still blushes we are headed towards i mean really at historic summit assuming it happens between president trump and kim jong hoon.

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