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It happens. Eighty it's weird because sometimes you'll have three or four different things you really anxious to do. And then all of a sudden two years later you'll you'll realize that in that that one idea hat or such and such a character. I'm glad i never got to do that. All that doesn't sound so good. You know it just it. Reation wasn't yet. get back to this idea. What his creation. And it's nervous straight line and it's also a little bit like in that there's a high tide that can come in. We're going to europe. There's no room on the beach. I don't want to chime everything just right or it's a nice sunny day and there's plenty of room on the beach. I realized that's a really silly metaphor. But there's some truth you like i think is in the grant morrison leaving The green lantern book after this next threat and the next run. I guess but Like you've been there so long now can you just go into them and say hey ivan. How jordan idea what they like seriously consider giving the green lantern book might but i doubt it i mean people have the assumption that if you just snap the fingers your that they'll open it up and you know part of it is commitments are made very often to other people and commitments to other ideas are made and that's fine at. That's kind of how it should be. So are you saying they. They might already have god. Grants replacement already picked out. Maybe if there is going to be a replacement they may. And i honestly don't know i haven't asked about green lantern in quite some time and part of it is because grant and lamb have been doing just such wonderful work on their book which has been so imaginative and so beautiful that as reader. I'd hate to see them go. Oh yeah grants always rain. Yeah the love. I loved his jail. Run back in the day. So when you're done with a character do you keep reading. There are do you stop not read it while like when you're done with superman did you read more super manner like i'm done. I think in general it's best to walk away and part of it is To be fair to the nets creative teams i. I think it's important to wet. Ashby their space and and to let them say what they wanna say. And your your people ask me about it you know. I have enough millions often with what's happening on a book to say. Yeah he's a great idea. I wish them well which is always the case. It's not like i've ever set wild the next guy you know because not good either and But typically the best thing to do is just move on to step back and rwanda. The next one was it. Is it the same or is it different. Like say booster gold shows up somewhere you like taken into early. Like i have to see what they're doing with booster gold since you created the character. Yeah that one's a little different and part of it is because you know. When i created the eric room even when they said you know when he was quitting justice league which i think was just four erase because they called me up and they said we're thinking of using brewster in the league and at the time had to point to me that we're doing sort of this humorous jamie on the justice league because their first issue wasn't even out yet so they're sent back to me. I read it. And i just said this is great. This earthquake reducible. So then we were able to talk about it and you know keeping an eye on were friends anyway. So that was great to go do it. So by and large high. I think it's nice to be asked. Because i have always made it policy to do that with the creators of other characters when i worked And i think that's just within the crater community of we're gonna be great with one another. That's the best way to do are now. I'm gonna change direction. These who are going to be lost i love. I love your marble staff I do a spider man. Podcast clean next year and get you back or your sensational issues. Are i love your captain america. Thor my my one other co host teeth. Like i don't know if you heard there's a. Us agent mini series coming out and like supposedly us agents getting replaced by the government or something and my and hurt. Yeah but One of my co host is saying it's pro side. It's going to be proud. Aside replacing him he loves prototype brings okay. I think there's more there to explore. Ever want to do it. But i have no idea what that is. I had a lot of fun doing that. Stop and i know that Gosh just dumb dare to ago someone showed me this really great looking sensational spider man. Action figure Coming out with. And he with ben reilly at which looks really like ben reilly diversed grew in a while. That's awesome. i was gonna say it. Was that your idea that die the hair blonde. Yes i was going to say. It's one simple thing and it was just like. Oh he won't be mistaken. You know they look similar but they won't get won't be in state for park. Yeah like i said i. I hope he can get you back next year for talks and ben reilly issues but art. So are you. Tc exclusive right now. Then yes i am and have been for a number of years now so kind of her once. I got done with door and moved acade- at that time we've been there since was like two thousand bucks so it's been a while. Yeah yeah right tyler. Got another question. I'm gonna wait till the. But i want to ask this one thing because this is something that kind of bothered me with it. Being your created you your character that you created. How do you feel if you can say about how john kent was treated in the current run when they took him for being the boy a age tim up and what they've done with him saints I think there's this assumption out there that why brian Michael benson. i don't get along or something like that. And the back work orders okay. So i think everybody's has had idea. That's not the case when When brian curtis came to dc He and a couple of folks from dc went out to lunch and brian was going me right a restart his plans for the character and how he was going to age john and jarallah things like that she great go quarry and an order. It is where he wanted to get with john. Being part of the legion of superheroes which i totally understand and and the idea that you would have a super boy who is a core member of the region of superheroes is very much what the legion is all about those of you who louisa superheroes in its history service totally on board with it and and i think there are always ways that they wanted to do kind of a series of batteries story that that tell the untold stories of superman and lois in young john when he was still. You know eight years old. That i think you could still have your india that you can do both But certainly i don't ever problem with this idea that you wanna take john as super boy is foundational horror member of the legion of superheroes. Because that's the history. A lot of respects of what the legion has always been i..

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