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Deputy CBS eighty it's ten forty two. Now sports I with Brad Heller that will everyone was watching the draft lottery. Noah Syndergaard was mowing down the nationals in Washington he had a no hitter through five innings. So was Thor thinking about it at all pilots. Not. No, that's not what I was thinking about was just have a tendency to. Think too much. My body is doing is supposed to be in freezing. And digits that eight innings of four hit ball. He gave up just two run home. Run. Wilson Ramos at a grand slam for the nets in the first inning. And they won their third in a row being in the national six to two they get back to five hundred at twenty and twenty tonight. He's game two of the series in DC. Wilmer font will make a second met start at comas got the pre-game at six thirty here on WCBS all the Yankees will play two in the Bronx against the Orioles. After rain out the last two nights. I pitch for game. One three oh five. You can hear it over on the fan. Jay Happel start to mingle. Her mind will be on the mound for game two in the last night last night, the Yankees pulling off a trade to get kendricks. Morales from the as Oakland had designated him for assignment struggle. Just one home run in thirty four games. So far for the as the Knicks might end up with the Duke star in the draft next month. Just not that Duke star RJ Barrett could be the choice that number three overall while looks like Zion. Williamson is headed. Orleans after the pelicans won the lottery despite only a six percent chance. Now as for what this means for disgruntled star, Anthony Davis, according to the athlete. It means nothing Davis still wants out of New Orleans. He's got one year left on his deal tonight the Eastern Conference finals get going the bucks and the raptors will face off in Milwaukee Stanley Cup playoffs game three for the blues and the sharks and say Louis, they are even at one sports. I the twelve and forty two I'm Brad Heller. It's ten forty four. Capital? One knows life doesn't alert you about your credit card. Doc brand street, and Brian the khaki shorts your TNL energy Bill went up sixty percent this month. Stand clear the.

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