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Honestly don't listen to this show for the advice the singing. it's incomparable. this any other show do this. No other show. Now that fantasy advice might be crap. But he's singing out of nowhere. Kyle he i say hey sing this. And he's like call me. Maybe farner songs on as long as your talents. This man in the covers that he can hit like i mean. We've talked miley cyrus. He can do just about anybody here. I haven't thought of miley cyrus song. Sure you have. I'm sure you could out. Geez i don't even know we're talking about it anymore. But now we're gonna move on. An electrician is gonna sing again. It's the closer carousel deliver. Do it's closer carousel. I hope you recorded that kyle. Closer carousels presented by trista. Sing a song. it looks like matt. Barnes might be out in boston. How about that a bad week. And i guess out of you know guessed the next chance what's going on in boston. Are you concerned here. Oh yeah these been bad. He's had four outings now. Were ugly and by the way he came into that game two nights ago was yanked for robots and that was the tenth inning however then by the white robe list not so terrible wrote lease awful. He doesn't belong. they've been go with the bridge out of be knows eighth. Barnes night locked in. I agree with you. I think ought to be gets the next great though. That's the only thing i don't think so either. I think i think you should keep barnes in an espn standard but trot out of too. That'd be my advice. Yucky update that lefty the mad left. He didn't get out of that inning. I mean there's something still wrong with him. Is there britain's not next to line. I said chad green on a recent show. I think it's chad green. Who gets if i ask. Who gets the most sese. Said the yankee lefty but chad green deserve to be on rauscher's at this point the most valuable yankee relief pitcher for the rest of the irs surtax cleaner out of you know yeah. Add one guy right now. Who is chad grains. It's green pitcher. These definitely better pitcher jack. Green gives them a little bit in terms of home runs out of beano has nothing to dominate lefthanded hitters. That's a weakness. Chad green doesn't necessarily have and i definitely have to give the thank you. Shout out to todd. Zola dave showing field. And you and kyle and me in. You know my neighbor's dog for saying on that all those shows that who do you want for your yet you really. I don't know it matters but we don't know who the identity is we're saying chattering. I think it's chad green over. Johnny lasagna. I'm not making fun of my just can't pronounce it. And i think green get some saves. It looks like so. Kimber was going to get to save opportunity for the white sox lead yesterday. 'cause liam hendriks through unbelievable thirty nine pitches the other day the the way this old man uses his bullpen is unbelievable. But i still don't think kimble's worth rostering in lisbon fantasy. Because i doubt it gets more than one or two saves it's clearly liam hendriks and he's willing to use liam henderson more than three outs which i like But paul sewell. The mariner through compared to turner needs to be rauscher. Now all leagues. He's closer and even when the customer comes back isn't sold the closer i think he is. Yeah kostya wasn't being used. As the closer after the trade they were using them. More inset capacity Seventh and actually some seventh-inning appearances to from what i recall. Didn't pill that well for them. I don't think it matters of seals the closer he's mostly closer and that's all you need. I know you said kimberly. Probably not worth rostering in. Espn leagues but based on the nature of the position this year. You could almost make the case for him if you're doing that. Seal seal there's a definite roster definite and what happens there you and tax it about this with davey but like next season is in sewell debt. Obvious guy who has a four fifty next year already. Think he keeps us up like devon williams rookie last year and for the first two months. He couldn't get it together now. He's dominant again. What is next year. say i. you can't answer this because he's getting saves but say is seattle's closer is he a top ten closer for you and your rankings. If i had the assurance he was the closer over like rozelle iglesias or ryan presley. Could you do that. probably not. But he be in the ballpark. That might be a tier where he's in that but again. I'm just to be really clear. We would need the promise. And i don't think we're getting a now with ken. Giles on the roster. Diego steel on the roster. It's right and they have a coupla guys there there's that is an interesting bullpen for next season. By the way darren williams. The reason definitely stepped up. Was that change. That change is among the majors. Best in terms of specific pitches civil his most of the slider. Has he done enough with that. Pitch to make sustainable into next year. I'm not so sure yet looks great. He's pitching i i. You know what. I don't know how to answer it. I think he's one of those guys who's either going to be like a top ten closer or he's going to be in aaa in you know in june. I don't think anybody. I don't think seattle knows. That's why it's so interesting to me. But like give credit to the mariners. They sign all these guys like minor league deal second rider. Nobody wanted him. He was like a minor league deal in january and jt over already moved grave men. They're kind of doing the right things and it's all guesswork with relief. Pitching the phillies. Keep guessing wrong. The mariners guest right this year. The mayors mayors are contending. Like i know people don't realize it but they're head of oakland now or right there with oakland. It's fun to watch the manners. It's not blowing apart. It's still there and they're the ones with aren't they. The ones with either close to zero or negative run differential. Which is incredible isn't it. They're they're overplaying their hand. But i mean there's still relevant in september. Mit it's incredibly relevant. But but scott. It'd be much more fun to be in mariners fan right now all these great prospects. You're you're gonna win. Eighty five games this season least. That's that's a lot of fun. Davis something to look forward to all these great hulu. Enriquez's argue the top prospect in baseball. He's not in the majors. I've got alec boehm in aaa making errors. Look at the schedule by the way. A negative run differential. They're actually oh gosh there. Twenty eight hundred. Thirty teams run differential. That's overrated to know it is i just. It's fun when this happened. I played assembly game head to head with another guy last night. And i could tell him the third of that game i was not gonna win it and i was just like you know what tyler alexander just eat up innings and give up runs and he did he did and then keep running the other lady like. Yeah i was like you know what if you give up ten runs. So what we're under frontal doesn't matter in this league in matters of my salt believe doesn't matter here so i ended up losing that game. Sixteen to two to three in the series but like in the third thing i was like. You know what this is. Why run under. French doesn't matter because major league teams do the same thing to have a big. You have twenty runs in a game because it didn't matter to them. How can you look at ron differential. When you see that doesn't matter to the managers matters pitching right there you go. I mean they're like hey go ahead and pitch ready galvez another matter. Thursday slate has day game sunny grain bread anderson. We've talked about sunny gran recent shows. Let's not keep doing that. Phillies bringing back. Zach eflin but only like fifty pitch count to not use them. Today at home sat down. You know what i know. You own the rosters account and the league to what's your take on this man era over five not season we thought obviously train wreck arizona this season. But how can we we. Rank zach gallon borderline top twenty starting pitcher this year. Not top twenty. Where do we rank him next year. He can't be top thirty county. If that's another case of if i had the promise of full health for next year then i would definitively put him in that top thirty probably not top twenty but the injuries are. I have a problem with the injury pattern. He has shown this year. I have some serious questions about his ability to stay consistently on the mound for the diamondbacks next year. Carlos correa at home against the giants..

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