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And so the principles all still stick, you know, everything that's that's true for a fortune. Five hundred company is still you know business principle is is still true for a mom and pop start up. Now, this is again, I'm just this is an offensive idea for somebody out there. But I have read all the books that are behind me on that book show. Yeah. That's a lot of books four or five. I read those is because. I wanted to know the specific systems needed to grow business, and it might be offensive for somebody. I know it is because I met people at the conference say this. When you realize that a person who has taken algebra three times. And who really isn't good at much, but who just knows the systems can win all day. And then with somebody who's really smart and has a lot of degrees in a lot of education, and maybe age experience life experience that if they don't know these systems, they can't grow. It can be very frustrating. Yeah. Can I chime in here another win that we've had just to prove that these systems work is tip top canine down in south lake, Texas. This is crazy thirty one thousand dollars in sales in one we one week, and that's only after eight months of being open. Right. I mean, thirty one thousand in a week we've met small business owners that come into our conference to in in a year are doing two hundred thousand dollars of gross revenue in business for twenty years decades. So if you're out there listening today this show is meant to help you build your faith that you can. Can grow your business dramatically, just like Dr brick just like the folks at mod scenes, but nothing works unless you do my Angela nothing works unless you if we teach you the proven path if we do the initial call the thirteen point assessment says I make the plant takes four hours to make that plan takes about an hour to talk to you takes me at my team half hour to talk to to talk to you. So we're talking about five and a half hour investment of our time. The worst thing that you could do is say you want the change and did not be coach able like Dr Breck, and like you're gonna hear from these folks mod scenes doctor breath, you had a a hot a hot tape. Just something that goes back to your point. You're talking about is one of my first mentors. We were at a meeting, and he was talking to a group of us that were still students at the time. And he looked he point out this guy. And he goes you're gonna do really well and business and what he was trying to assess was who was the student who was the student and who's the beast in. So the a student those are the ones that are gonna struggle. They're gonna try to out think the system there and try to out guess it blazer own way, they know better. But the students just more to go. Hey, I don't know off all. Take take me on that path. You guys all all take the steps you say to take I'm nine so their coach -able disagree with Dr Brexit. I want to point this out because what you just said is based on your observations and that conversation, unfortunately, I was the student. So it took me a long time to figure out just follow. The I just wanna make sure we have a lot of smart listeners who listen to this show. And I just wanna make sure that the listeners kind of get this idea rightly divided I have been coaching clients since two thousand seven eight doesn't eight and I will tell you that the ones who are super super smart in unwilling to implement what they're learning like you said out think the system those outnumber. If you looked at the client who are losing, right? The people who are have the business owners. They're losing the super smart people that out think everything and don't implement that's probably three to four business failures. And one at a four is somebody who is. Just maybe not the most academically smart person ever who implements. It's usually it's almost always people that are super sparked that struggle to implement it really is a problem. It's a thing..

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