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Mason and ireland seven ten. Espn fifty dollars on a first date is a little cheap so little little. Well come on not according to ocho cinco who thinks that anything more than this day. You ain't getting although you see what he's he's doing. I saw him pay. A bill was on instagram on his instagram account. Pay the bill. It was like thirty seven bucks and he left a thousand and thirty seven bucks. He always does that. he'd been in that for years. He leaves like one to ten thousand dollar tips everywhere. He's wrong about a fifty dollar limit on a first date out right now so john. What do you had something. You guys know this this. European soccer tournament euro twenty twenty. It's been going on and yesterday. I mentioned earlier in the show that there was this unbelievable game between denmark in england. All right so they each to go in the first half they were to spectacular goals. Denmark scored on a on a free kick that was just this laser and then in england rush the net scored. It was one one and then they go to extra time in extra time on kind of a questionable call. England was awarded a penalty kick so the guy who took the penalty kick for england was their captain harry kane. Who's probably the best player on their team. The goalie for denmark is a guy named casper. Schmeichal michael michael schmeichal. Michael is actually the goalie for lyster city. So he's used to playing in front of crowds in england. He's he's in the english premier league but right when cain was getting ready in. This game was at wembley stadium in england so right when when cain was getting ready to take the penalty kick. I just sent you guys a picture. This yeah a fan in the stands took one of those laser pointers. Yeah and shined it right it. Sh- michael like white in his face. So then cain kicks it. Sh- michael actually saved it. Which hardly ever happens. Unbelievable stop then. Cain followed it up and buried. The rebound and england won the game. Two one and now england is in the final. i think i'm not sure if the officials on the court saw this or if denmark brought it up. But i think if i'm the referee i make them re kick. Now you're okay with a laser pointer in not okay with it. I'm not okay with it but there are inclement sir inclement circumstances when you're in a big game like that whether it's crowds cheering or crowds doing the wave or crowds making noise or me. I'll tell you. What if this was the nba finals at staples center and kevin durant was shooting a free throw at in buzzer. No no. let's say he's shooting a shot at the buzzer to win a game and misses the same thing because the clock is stopped here. When you're doing everything. Everybody else's stopped except for the goalie and the free kick right except for kane inch michael everybody else's out of the play so but if it was if it was like lakers by one and somebody shined a laser pointer in kevin durant is on this deciding free throw i absolutely would let him shoot it again. You absolutely retake it. There's no there's no fifty fifty chance and concentration anymore. If you're pointing the laser you're throwing off the goalkeeper canes concentrations one hundred percent the goalkeeper struggling with the light. Now now he has to guess where he's gonna kick it. Luckily he guessed right. Yeah i did. But the bounced didn't go his way and kane made. I would have horrible. You will take take so retail you. I would have the second. I saw that green spot on sh michael's face. I would have blown the whistle. I would've said we've got a laser in the stands and i would have. I would have waited. And i would have made an announcement saying if that happens again. We're taking away the free kick. This is why they can't put fans in stadiums. This is absurd. You cannot put a laser pointer in in the eyes of one of the participants. I guess you're right i. You're our soccer expert. You would re kick that i would. And then look. They're looking at the goalkeeper. Making sure he doesn't step away from the line. That's like illegal for them to do it until the until the kicker makes contact with the ball you can step away from the line and this picture. Has i mean this this photo right on his face right. It's right on his face. I don't to me. I'd be ashamed of if i was if i was england advisor. Coach harry kane. I would have grabbed the mic. Being out there in god. Knock this off. We're going to end up forfeiting. You possible that nobody noticed it. I don't know officiating crew. That i don't know if they didn't notice it. There's not a lot you can do now. But i think you need to make and now they say disciplinary proceedings have been opened sure and they should be they and the person who did it the it was. The penalty was questionable to horry. Did you think that was a penalty. It wasn't it was great dive. It wasn't a penalty so so that that's the first thing. I don't know how to get this. But i would have. I would have never given them a penalty kick. It was this incredibly hard fought game. And i would've i would've just played on but then once that laser pointer came out. You gotta knock that crap. Okay so let me. Let me put a hypothetical out there. Let's say lebron is gonna take a one of those long threes right to win the game right and somebody uses a laser pointer. Right lebron okay. He misses the shot. Does he get to reshoot that. Replay the play. I don't think a live play. How do i know that's the reason he missed. What like if he missed. How do you know that this is the reason. The goalie actually goalie made a stop how that affected the goalie. I think it take clear. Unfair advantage for england even though he made the stop originally. Yeah i just be like where. He said his concentration is everything and i just to me. It's unforgivable the fan. Did this. I i would. I would like this fan up man. I really would. I don't know what. I what i can charge. I don't know what i can charge them with. I suppose it's disturbing the peace. Or i would i would publicly shamed them and make sure you never goes to another game at wembley stadium again. Yeah i mean if they can find it but here's the thing it was at wembley stadium and okay. So here's this guy played a role. I'm telling you. I've got text messages nonstop from one. Step dad about england. He's from the uk over it's a gigantic deal. So i'm hearing you mentioned. You mentioned the if they can find him. Do you realize now that because of technology you can be in a stadium. I mean like a football stadium and they're now able to take a picture of every section.

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